Top Pool Remodel Ideas for 2024

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Want to upgrade your pool? Great idea. When you upgrade your pool, you’ll spend more time using it – and get more enjoyment out of your time there.

So what are the best ways to remodel your pool? Here are some of the latest trends for pool remodeling that you can consider.

Smart Pools

For many people who always have their phone at hand, integrating pool controls with their phone is an obvious way to make your pool easier to operate. Being able to control your pool from your phone not only simplifies the operation, but it can also give you more detailed controls.

Smart pools can make it easier for you to have your pool’s temperature exactly where you want it when you want to use the pool. If you like to go for a swim before work, the pool can be set to the right temperature for your workout, then save energy all day before coming to a comfortable temperature in the evening when you come out to relax away the day’s stresses. Automated cleaners, water quality testing, and other tools can also integrate to make it easier for you to monitor and maintain your pool.

Connect with Nature at Poolside

pool remodel trends - add plant lifeWe understand how much benefit we get from interacting with natural green spaces. It makes us happier, relieves our stress, and helps inspire us. Why not bring this important mental health resource to your pool? Integrating more natural plants at your poolside can help you feel happier and more relaxed when you’re enjoying your pool.

We can help you find plants that look attractive, are easy to maintain, and thrive in the poolside environment.

Lighting Upgrades

Having attractive lighting at your pool makes it a more appealing place to hang out at night. It can create a more festive atmosphere, helping your pool parties to be more successful. It can also make it easier to enjoy your pool for longer hours.

Whether you’re looking to spend couples time at the pool after the kids go to bed or if you’re trying to enjoy the pool more in the shoulder seasons when the sun sets earlier, upgrading your pool lighting can give you many more hours of enjoyment at your pool. Plus, modern lighting gives you many options. You can have lights in different spectra, including heat lamps, color-changing lighting, and more. These can also integrate with your smartphone to put all lighting controls at your fingertips.

Variety of Uses

One thing that keeps people from enjoying their pool is that it doesn’t offer many options for what to do. A remodel can help you add more ways to enjoy your pool.

Water features can give you more ways to play in the water. This can include fountains, waterfalls, and hidden grottos surrounded by flowing water. You can even add a water slide or a multi-tier spillover that gives kids more fun places to play.

A tanning ledge might make you think that it’s only good for tanning. However, these versatile features can add lots of fun to your pool. A tanning ledge is an area where the water is very shallow—just an inch or two. This makes it a great place to tan: you can keep cool in the water while you sunbathe. However, it’s also a great place for reading, playing video games, or even just browsing your phone while you enjoy the cool water.

Swim jets are another way to add more functionality to your pool. Swim jets are powerful vents that pump out enough water to create a current that you can swim against. This can upgrade your daily workout, helping you get more exercise and build more strength. The jets can be adjustable so you can take on stronger and stronger currents day after day. It also makes it easier to get a workout in a small pool – you can keep swimming in one direction rather than having to turn around repeatedly to get laps in with your small pool.

Fire and Water

pool remodel trends - fire featuresWe all love fire. It dances beautifully and gives off light and heat. It’s also a perfect combination with the water of your pool. Having a fire feature at your pool is not only a lighting upgrade, it’s also a great centerpiece for conversation at a pool party. Plus, the warmth it provides makes it easier to enjoy your pool at cooler times, whether it’s later at night, in the shoulder seasons, or a random day when a cool front passes through Atlanta.

Outdoor Kitchens

One way to make it easy to spend more time at your pool is by adding an outdoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen means that you can relax by the pool while you’re working on dinner. The cook doesn’t have to miss out on the party going on outside because they’re inside slaving over the stove. Plus, it keeps the heat out of the kitchen on summer days, which can save you a lot of money on your energy bill since you won’t rely on your air conditioning to cool the kitchen down after cooking.

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