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Since 1972, Allen Pool Service has been taking care of Atlanta’s commercial pools. Whether you have one pool or multiple pools on one or several properties, we can repair and upgrade any pool. Our reliable service and comprehensive approach will minimize complaints and maximize satisfaction from your tenants and guests.

We provide outstanding commercial renovation and remodeling services for neighborhood pools and swimming pools located in:

We have built a reputation for being a leader in commercial swimming pool renovation by working closely with property managers to ensure the work is completed on schedule and on budget.

Our experience shows at every stage of the project. From your first contact with our sales group, you’ll be impressed at how much they know about the process. We can guide your project to make sure it complies with all county regulations while ensuring you get a pleasing product. Once on site, our crew will precisely assess the pool’s size and condition to provide an accurate quote on repair or renovation.

Commercial Pool Services for Atlanta Pools

Pool Renovation

Your pool is one of the most visible assets for your hotel, apartment complex, or club. An outdated pool can diminish your ability to attract guests, tenants, and members. If you want to remain competitive, it’s important to make sure your pool is up to date and enticing. Allen Pool Service’s experts can help you get a commercial pool renovation that will remain fresh for years to come. The quality materials we can recommend will also reduce your maintenance costs to help improve profitability.

Visit the commercial pool project gallery for examples of our work.

Pool Repair

When your pool isn’t working, you will get complaints and may lose revenue, so it’s important to act quickly to repair damaged pools. More importantly, a damaged pool can potentially expose you to liability, either for injuries caused or for loss of a valued asset. Allen Pool Service’s experts can handle your necessary pool repairs. Whether you know what’s wrong or it seems a mystery, we can identify the issue and get it repaired.

We are experts in all aspects of commercial pool repair, including:

Don’t see the service you need or aren’t sure what’s wrong? Call (770) 451-1621 to talk to our experts.

Pool Equipment

Properly running pool equipment ensures your pool is ready for use and functional. It can also impact your operational costs. Allen Pool Service can help with the latest commercial pool equipment from all major manufacturers. If you have outdated equipment, we can replace your pool equipment with OEM parts, close matches, or offer an upgrade to improve efficiency and functionality.

We can help with all aspects of your pool, including:

In some cases, upgrading your pool equipment can cut your operating costs in half.

Salt Systems

A salt water pool can be an attractive differentiator. Your tenants, guests, or members will appreciate the alternative to chlorine smell and irritation. They’ll love the soft, silky feel of the water, too.

You’ll love the easy maintenance with no need to handle or store toxic chlorine.

Allen Pool Service has done many commercial salt water pool conversions, and we can convert almost any commercial pool to salt water. The conversion is not just inexpensive, it pays for itself in a few years with reduced maintenance costs.

Allen Pool Service: Atlanta’s Leader in Commercial Pool Services

At Allen Pool Service, we understand not only the mechanics of pools, but their economics as well. We know that downtime is bad for your business, and we do everything we can to minimize downtime for your pool. We proactively work to respond quickly to repair and maintenance calls.

To learn more about what has made Allen Pool Service Atlanta’s choice for more than 50 years, please call (770) 451-1621 or use our online form today for a free consultation.


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