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Whether you’re in charge of an apartment complex, a rec center, or a hotel in Atlanta, your swimming pool is a big draw for tenants and guests. When it’s dated or unattractive, it can cost you money. Old pools can also cost you money in other ways, with maintenance costs that increase all the time or insurance expenses related to old-style pool hazards.

At Allen Pool Service, we provide commercial renovation and remodeling services for neighborhood pools and those located in:

Allen Pool Service focuses on commercial pool renovations in Atlanta. We know how to update your pool so it is more attractive, more efficient, and safer. Turn your pool from a drag on your revenue to a genuine differentiator that improves the profitability and prestige of your property. It will also improve the enjoyment of your tenants, guests, and patrons, reducing complaints and improving referrals. Allen Pool Service knows how to complete projects on time and on budget to maximize the benefit to your company.

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Pool Renovation Options

Allen Pool Service knows how to perform comprehensive pool renovations. We can completely remake your pool with new:

We can also provide all levels of renovation, from a minor touch-up to a full-scale upgrade. Just tell us what you’re looking for. Then we’ll work with you to make your vision a reality.

Commercial Pool Surface Renovation

A lot of commercial pools in the Atlanta area have simple plaster for their pool surface. That’s not a surprise: plaster is inexpensive and functional, even if it does require resurfacing more often than other options.

However, it’s possible to help your pool to really stand out by choosing another type of pool surface, such as a pebble or quartz finish.

Decked-Out Decks

One of the easiest ways to give your pool an updated look is with an updated deck. This is also a high-value renovation because many people spend most of their time near the pool rather than in it. Redoing your deck so it’s more attractive, more comfortable, and fits with your latest branding can make a big difference to your guests.

If your deck is damaged, we can perform simple commercial pool repairs, but if you want to do more, this might actually be a great time to go through with a full renovation. This can include spray deck coatings or even pavers, which come in a variety of colors and different materials.

Lighting the Way

Having good lighting in your pool can increase its desirability later at night. This will make it more attractive to adult guests who might avoid the crowds of kids during the day. Updated lighting is one of the least expensive renovation options for updating your commercial pool.

Even if your pool shuts down relatively early, some basic lighting is necessary to ensure that the pool remains safe for use in the fall when days get shorter. Old-fashioned lighting might not meet modern standards. Allen Pool can update your lights to ensure compliance.

Keep in Control

Old pool equipment can break down. While sometimes repairing old equipment is the right choice, it’s also possible that you can get more benefit out of replacing the old equipment to save on ongoing maintenance costs. Modern pool equipment can be a lot more efficient and cheaper to run.

Modern control systems can make it easier to monitor and control the conditions in your pool. Not only will you have less labor cost in maintaining the pool, but you’ll be better able to maintain perfect conditions for your guests.

Salt water Benefits

Another potential way to provide a good experience for guests with less cost is switching to a salt water pool system.

Salt water pools have a unique silky feel. In addition, swimmers don’t have to deal with the harsh chemicals that can be bad for skin and hair. Plus, you won’t have to deal with as many chemicals. That will cut down on safe storage and reduce the amount of potential risk of accidental exposure to guests and others at your pool.

Choose Atlanta’s Commercial Pool Experts

Since 1972, Allen Pool Service has been helping businesses in Atlanta maintain and restore their commercial pools to the delight of their guests, tenants, and patrons. Our pool experts know how to design and complete your pool project on time and on budget.

We will also make sure your pool isn’t just up to date with the latest trends, we’ll make sure it complies with all new regulations.

Renovation Consultation

Our pool renovations are so successful that many of our former renovation customers keep working with us for years to come. They love our pools and are happy with our ongoing maintenance. Often, we have repeat customers who come to us with pools on their multiple properties. Want to see examples of our work? Check out our pool project gallery.

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