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Since 1972, Allen Pool Service has been among Atlanta’s most dependable pool service, repair, and renovation companies, taking care of the finest pools. We take the hassle out of pool ownership with reliable, professional, pool services and the expertise to manage all your pool renovation, repair, and maintenance needs. That way, you can spend more time enjoying your pool and less time worrying about the day to day maintenance. Explore the many ways Allen Pool Service can help you maintain your backyard oasis.

Pool Renovation 

One thing that can make your pool less enjoyable is if it’s damaged, worn out, or just outdated and unappealing. Pool renovation can give you a pool you’ll love again. Need a simple resurfacing of the pool? We can handle it. Want to update the pool deck and add new tile to make your pool feel brand new? We can handle it. From simple updates to a full-scale remodel, count on Allen Pool Service for all your pool renovation needs.

Your pool renovation can help you maximize your enjoyment of your pool. Spend more time outdoors poolside with friends and family all summer long. Allen Pool can help with even the most complex renovation projects, ensuring all your needs are addressed. As part of your renovation project, we can install fire pits, outdoor seating areas, retaining walls, custom built add-on spas, or just about any structure that will transform your pool into the backyard oasis you desire.

Pool Repair

A damaged pool can be expensive to keep running. It might be unusable, or dangerous to use. Allen Pool Service can handle all types of pool repairs. We can track down the source of leaks or strange noises. We handle many types of pool repair, including:

Don’t see what you need or don’t know what you need? Call (770) 451-1621 to ask us – we probably handle it!

Pool Maintenance

Love your pool but don’t like the hassle of pool maintenance? Let us take over the maintenance. Sign up for Allen Pool Service’s maintenance plan, and every week you’ll get:

Add pool opening and closing for hassle-free year-round enjoyment of your pool.

Pool Equipment

The difference between a pool and a hole in the ground full of cold, dirty water is properly running pool equipment. Allen Pool Service offers the latest pool equipment from the top manufacturers. We can replace your pool equipment with OEM parts, close matches, or help you upgrade.

Contact us about:

As part of an upgrade, we can install new energy efficient equipment that might cut your energy costs in half.

Salt Water Pools

Want an alternative to irritating chlorine that is hard on your eyes, skin, and hair? Consider a salt water pool system. Salt water pools have just 1/10th the salt of ocean water, but they’re also free from chlorine, which means:

We can convert virtually any pool to a salt water system. It’s relatively easy and inexpensive. In fact, the conversion pays for itself in a few years because of reduced maintenance costs.

Pool Inspections

Before you buy a house with a pool, let us perform a pool inspection so you can get a qualified opinion on how much a pool might cost to run and maintain. We can also point out any costly issues that need to be repaired prior to purchasing the home. We work with realtors and new home buyers to provide the best information available about your future pool.

Swimming Pool Covers

Pool covers protect your pool during the off-season or when it’s otherwise not in use. Pool covers come in many different styles and offer different benefits. We can help you find the best pool cover for your needs.

Green Pool Clean-Up

When chemical imbalance leads to a green pool, you need to take proper steps to restore your pool to usability. At Allen Pool Service, we offer green pool clean-up that goes beyond fixing the water chemistry and makes sure your pool looks and feels inviting again.

Eco-Friendly Pools

Do your part to help reduce your pool’s impact on the environment. The good news is that eco-friendly pools are not just friendly for the environment, they can be more enjoyable for you and friendly on your pocketbook too. Save maintenance costs by switching to a salt water system that will pay for itself over time. Get energy-efficient pool equipment that reduces the cost to run your pool. Choose LED lights that not only save energy, but last longer and can add functionality to your pool, such as color-changing, electronic timing, and more.

Why Choose Allen Pool Services

Since 1972, Allen Pool Services has been helping people in Atlanta to get the most enjoyment out of their pools with the least hassle. We have built our longstanding reputation on being a reliable pool service. When you sign up for maintenance with us, we will be there every week. When you order a repair from us, you can count on it being done right the first time, using quality replacement parts that will go a long time without additional care.

Our people have the experience necessary to deal with almost any situation – odds are we’ve seen it before and can handle it quickly and efficiently. But don’t take our word for it: check out customer reviews. Plus, check out our swimming pool project gallery.

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