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Pool ownership happens in many different ways. Sometimes you have a pool built on your existing property. Sometimes you purchase property with a pool already included. If you’re considering the latter, a pool maintenance inspection is something you may want to consider alongside the typical property inspection you would have done before you signed for the house. Let’s take a little closer look at what all may be included.

What Is a Pool Inspection?

A pool inspection, similar to a home inspection, is designed to help identify any potential hazards and repairs before you buy. A professional inspector will look at a variety of things including the size and depth of the pool, what materials were used, the age of the pool and the manufacturer as well.

With a deep knowledge base of all the sneaky places pool problems may be hiding, they can sniff out many issues or potential issues you may have missed entirely that could cost you big unexpectedly in the future.

When Do You Need One?

The most common time to get a pool inspected is before it’s in your ownership. This happens when you’re shopping for real estate and on the precipice of making a decision. As far as timing goes, it makes the most sense to get a pool inspection at the same time as an overall home inspection. This will help inform your final decision and know you’re signing the dotted line with all the information you could possibly want to feel comfortable with what you’re purchasing.

Is it Worth it?

Short answer? Absolutely. Between the inspection of the pool, pumps and equipment necessary for functional use of the outdoor space you’re buying, a thorough inspection could help you in a couple of ways. Either you’ll feel much more confident signing the papers and starting to make that pool your own space, or you’ll feel good about walking away and saving yourself some serious cash when you find out there are fatal flaws you never could have seen yourself. Not only can it save you big money, it can also uncover where your safety or the safety of your family may have been at risk as well.

If you’re in the market for a new home and are looking to find your perfect haven, pool included, it may be time to put a pool inspection on your radar. It never hurts to be proactive. In the long run, if a pool inspection comes through with disappointing news, you can always consider buying a home with space for a pool and building your own. Regardless, we are there with you. From pool maintenance and repair to swimming pool renovation. Contact us today or call 770-451-1621.

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