Pool Opening Closing

Annual Pool Opening and Pool Closing When You Need It

Pool Opening Service

When the sun shines brighter, the days get longer and the temperatures rise, it’s time to open your swimming pool for the season.  Call Allen Pool Service to make an appointment for your pool opening.

Experience the ultimate full-service pool care relationship with Allen Pool Service.  Our trained pool service technicians will remove any water and debris from the safety cover, remove the safety cover and store it at a designated site at your home.  Once the cover has been removed, our technicians will prepare the pool equipment for full operation.  We will clean and vacuum the interior of the pool and adjust and balance the chemicals as needed.  The final step in the pool opening will be to clear the pool deck and equipment pad of debris accumulated during the winter months.

Once your pool opening is complete, your pool will be ready for you and your family to enjoy!

During the pool opening, our pool service technicians will evaluate your pool for any potential repair needs.  We will notify you immediately of any concerns and provide you with recommendations on the best way to fix any problems and avoid downtime during the swimming season.

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For thorough, dependable pool opening/closing call Allen Pool Service at 770-451-1621

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Pool Closing Service

As the leaves start to fall, the nights turn colder and the sun sets earlier you may choose to close your swimming pool for the season.  For a dependable pool service partner, call Allen Pool Service for your pool closing.

Our trained pool service technicians can prepare your pool for the cold winter months. We can help you avoid freeze damage and costly repairs that can occur if your pool is not winterized properly.

Allen Pool Service pool closing services include cleaning the pool and balancing chemicals. Our pool service technicians will blow out the lines of the pool equipment to make sure there is no standing water, which makes the pool susceptible to freeze damage.  We will install plugs in the lines located in the pool wall and winterize all of the pool equipment.  The final step will be to remove the pool cover from where it is being stored at your home and install it using the existing anchors.

Full Service

As your full-service pool company, Allen Pool Service will continue to balance the pool chemicals and brush and vacuum the pool during the winter months to make sure your pool stays in good working condition.

During the pool closing if we discover the pool cover is in need of repair or replacement, we can provide you with an honest estimate to fix it or order a new one.  If our pool service technician discovers any missing or damaged pool cover anchors, we can provide you with an estimate to repair or replace them.

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For thorough, dependable pool opening/closing call Allen Pool Service at 770-451-1621

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