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Dedicated Pool Care Team

The Allen Pool Service team consists of a group of hard working, honest men and women.  We have pool service professionals in the field working every day to ensure that our customers’ pools are always in good working order.  From maintenance to repair and renovation, our dedicated pool care team gets the job done right, rain or shine!  To help support the field service technicians, our office staff work tirelessly to help make sure everything runs smoothly.

Nothing speaks greater to a company’s value than its ability to retain employees over long periods of time and that is true at Allen Pool  Service.  Several of our employees have been with the company for almost 20 years each and continue to enjoy providing excellent service to our customers.  There are just as many employees who have been with the company for 10 years or more.  And even more gratifying is the fact that we still have in place several contract customers who signed up with Allen Pool Service in the 1970’s!  All of this combined is a testament to the values with which the business has been operated for more than 50 years

And then there is Cliff Chapman, the man who heads up the company and sets the standard for excellence at Allen Pool Service.  Cliff came to Allen Pool Service in 2010 after a long and successful sales career in the ground support equipment manufacturing industry.  He was a road warrior who traveled both nationally and internationally, much to the chagrin of his wife and young children.  When the opportunity arose to own and operate Allen Pool Service, a company with an outstanding reputation, Cliff jumped at the chance to take on a new challenge.  He worked alongside Joe Allen to ensure that the transition would be smooth and customers would receive the same quality service they expected from Allen Pool Service.  Thanks to Cliff’s outstanding work ethic, integrity and the support of the entire Allen Pool Service team, the business continues to thrive.  It also helps that Cliff is an all around nice guy!

Cliff and Tiffany

Cliff is joined by his wife Tiffany in operating Allen Pool Service.  She heads up the marketing and human resources departments at Allen Pool Service.  Her background includes owning and operating a marketing services firm, managing the marketing organization for a Fortune 500 commercial enterprise computing company, and working as an account manager for a public relations agency.  Together Cliff and Tiffany work hard to continue the legacy of outstanding service established by the Allen brothers in 1972 and to make enhancements to  Allen Pool Service that customers appreciate today.

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