Pool Covers

Why Consider Installing a Pool Cover?

Prolong the Life of Your Pool

A quality, custom pool cover will prolong the life of your pool by protecting it from the elements during the off-season.
Specific benefits include:

Keep It Clean

Pool covers prevent leaves, debris and dirt from getting into your pool water while the pool is closed.

A Sound Investment

A pool cover reduced the impact of the elements on your pool during the off season.  In the long run, this can help extend the life of your pool’s interior finish.

Protect your Family

A pool cover acts a safety device which is designed to prevent anyone or anything from falling into the pool when the cover is properly in place.

Quality Product

Unlike temporary covers, the pool covers Allen Pool Service offers are high quality and come with a manufacturer’s warranty.  We feature Meyco covers which are the highest industry standard.

Meyco Pool Covers | Allen Pool Service

Looks Good

A pool cover helps make your pool look neat and clean during the off season.

Allen Pool Service offers custom pool covers.  Call to schedule an appointment and a member of our pool care team will measure your pool and spa (if applicable).  You may choose from a solid cover or a mesh cover.  Once the cover has been ordered, it typically takes several weeks to be manufactured and delivered.  The Allen Pool Service pool care team will then install your custom pool cover.

Custom Made

A pool cover is custom made to fit your pool and is made of mesh or solid vinyl.  It is installed by pulling the cover tight across the pool.  It is then secured with straps attached to anchors that are drilled into the pool deck.  When you are ready to close your pool for the season, the Allen Pool Service team will professionally install your custom pool cover.

Don’t wait until pool closing time

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