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Why Is My Pool Green?

When your pool’s chemicals are not balanced, even for a short period of time, it can cause algae to grow which turns the pool green. Call the Allen Pool Service pool care team for swimming pool cleaning service, maintenance and green pool solutions.  We will help you see blue again!

Green pool cleaning requires testing the chemicals and putting them back in balance.  The experienced Allen Pool Service team is well qualified at clearing up algae.  Our residential pool care will shock the pool, check and clean the filter and thoroughly clean the pool’s interior.  When shock has been applied, the water will appear cloudy for 24 hours.  You will not be able to swim in the pool for 24 hours after shock application.

Restore Interior Finish

If a pool has been neglected for a long period of time, it may require more than shock to return it to swimming condition.  If that is the case, the Allen Pool Service pool care team can drain the pool and acid wash the interior.  Typically this will restore the pool’s interior finish.  However, if the pool’s interior finish is badly damaged it may need to be re-plastered.

Whether your pool has a minor algae problem or needs a more intense clean up, the Allen Pool Service pool care team has green pool solution for you. Need help with commercial pool cleaning? Give us a call, we’re experts in keeping highly trafficked pools clean.

Get rid of the green!

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