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Your swimming pool is your outdoor oasis, the place you go to enjoy your home in the warm weather. Over time, the elements will take their toll on your pool, causing it to become worn and fall into a state of disrepair. Styles also change over time and the pool design you once loved may begin to feel outdated. If these issues are impacting your enjoyment of your pool, it may be time to consider a renovation project.

At Allen Pool Service, we want your pool to look beautiful and deliver years of enjoyment to you and your family. We offer a wide range of pool renovation and remodeling services to breathe new life into this aspect of your home. Our team can customize your renovation to address your unique needs, providing added beauty, function and safety that will allow you to enjoy your pool to its fullest.

When Should I Consider a Pool Renovation?

If you’re tired of the look and feel of your pool and desire a change, it’s likely a good time to consider a pool makeover. However, there are also a variety of functional issues that may develop over time which indicate a pool remodel is necessary:

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Comprehensive Residential Pool Renovation Services We Offer

Allen Pool Service offers comprehensive residential pool renovation services in the Atlanta area. Whether you’re interested in a full pool makeover or just a few upgrades to your existing pool, we can provide a customized remodeling plan to address your specific needs.

Tiling and Coping

Cracked tiles can make your pool look old and rundown. Depending on the location of the broken tiles, they may also pose a safetynew swimming pool tile installed during a pool renovation hazard for your family. We offer hundreds of styles of tile with matching coping for you to choose from. Integrate your deck, pool and patio with coordinated decking tiles. We invite you to visit our showroom to see the many ways we can transform your pool with new tile and coping.

Resurfacing and Replastering

Pool surfaces aren’t meant to last forever. Over time, they will begin to wear down. This can detract from the appearance of your pool, making it look dirty and rundown. It can also create a rough surface that irritates your feet. If your pool surface isn’t repaired, it will eventually crack, causing leaks.

Our team provides professional resurfacing and replastering services to restore a beautiful appearance and eliminate the risk of developing cracks and leaks. We offer every style of interior finish. From white marcite plaster to the high-end look of quartz and StoneScapes pebble finish, Allen Pool Service can totally transform your pool.

Pool Deck Remodeling

Your pool deck plays a significant role in the appearance of your pool. Sun exposure, cracks, weather damage and other issues can make your pool look old and dilapidated. Pool deck remodeling can restore a pristine appearance that improves your backyard’s overall aesthetic.

Allen Pool Service has performed hundreds of pool deck renovations. We offer all types of deck finishes, overlays and textures to make your deck new again. Visit our photo gallery to see a few examples of the many decks we’ve resurfaced as part of our swimming pool renovation work.

Equipment Repair and Replacement

In order for your pool to stay clean and in good working order, your pool equipment must function properly. Allen Pool Service can repair or replace any broken or damaged equipmentSwimming Pool Equipment - Allen Pool Service as part of your pool renovation. We can install the latest and most advanced pool equipment from the top manufacturers. Our team can also install two main drains to comply with the Federal Consumer Safety Code to ensure you and your family is safe.

Leak Repair

Is your pool losing large amounts of water? Evaporation is natural in a swimming pool, but if you notice that your pool level is dropping dramatically, you may have a leak. Allen Pool Service’s pool care team can determine the source of the problem and recommend the best way to fix it.

Lighting Installation

Our team can install just about any type of lighting system during your pool remodel. Whether you’re looking to accentuate new landscaping features or provide additional safety for night swimming, we can provide the lighting you need to enjoy your pool after dark.

Luxury Feature Additions

As part of your pool renovation, we can install a variety of luxury features to transform the appearance of your pool area and enhance your enjoyment. Allen Pool can augment yourluxury pool features installed during a pool remodel pool makeover with:

Choose Atlanta’s Residential Pool Experts

Allen Pool Service has been performing pool renovation services throughout the Atlanta area since 1972. Our pool experts know how to design a customized pool project that addresses your unique needs and fits within your budget.

Our team will not only deliver a beautiful pool that will enhance your enjoyment of your home, but we’ll also make sure your pool remodel complies with all regulations. Regardless of your needs, our team will provide exceptional quality pool makeover services that take the hassle out of pool ownership.

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