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Posted on: June 23rd, 2020 by

Summer is here, and for pretty much everyone it looks nothing like what we thought it would. For a lot of us, staying at home is the new normal, so for homeowners with pools, making that space as inviting and exciting as possible is going to be the name of the game. If you’re looking for some cool new features or technology upgrades for your swimming pool renovation to make the most of your summer, we’ve compiled a few great places to start.  

Tanning Ledge  

Okay, so this isn’t exactly tech-focused, but building a tanning ledge as an add-on to your pool can eliminate that pesky problem of getting too hot before you want to get back in the pool when you’re getting your sunbathe on. Most often, tanning ledges feature a space to put a couple of fantastic Adirondack chairs and are built to keep a low level of water around your feet and ankles, helping to keep you cool.  

Deck Jets 

Look. Deck jets are just plain cool. Pair them with some well-chosen LED light colors and you’re basically living in your own version of the Bellagio fountain every day. It’s important to ensure that they are installed properly, though, to minimize the risk of slipping on your pool’s deck that can come from improperly placed deck jets.  

Automatic Cover  

Pulling a cover over the pool at the end of a hot summer day is pretty much the last thing most pool owners want to do. So, why bother? Instead, consider installing an automatic cover so when you’re ready to head inside, grab a nightcap, shower, and get to bed, all you have to do is press a button. Now that’s the kind of pool technology we can really get behind.  

LED Lights  

Lighting is an important aspect of every pool’s landscape. Deck lights, in-pool lights, and lights around your home are critical to lead the way safely to and from the pool no matter what the time of day. But they don’t just have to be about safety. You can add your own personal flair with LED lights in all manner of different colors.  

Poolside Bluetooth Speakers 

What’s a good pool party without a waterproof sound system to set the mood? Turn your outdoor pool area into your own personal nightclub with the installation of a sound system that offers Bluetooth technology so you can queue up your favorite playlists all summer long.  

If ever there was a summer to make sure your pool is in incredible condition, this is it. Wondering what an upgrade for your pool might look like this year? Give Allen Pool Service a call or schedule a free consultation, we’d love to help you create the getaway oasis of your dreams, right in your backyard.  

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