Summer Fun: Pool Toy Trends

Posted on: July 28th, 2016 by

The Latest Pool Toys for a Summer of Fun!

Summer is all about the pool, which is why it is our favorite season. To make your pool even more exciting for the last few weeks of summer, your pool service experts here at Allen Pool have compiled a list of the summer’s greatest pool toys. The bonus: they aren’t just for kids! Pool toys make swimming more fun no matter your age.

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  1. Food shaped floaties. This is probably the biggest pool toy trend in the last few years: inner tubes shaped like donuts, rafts shaped like popsicles, and floaties shaped like pretzels, to name a few. These products are quirky and add a little more deliciousness to your pool day. A bonus: there are also mini donut-shaped floaties to hold your drinks. The world is an amazing place.
  1. Swim Thru Rings. These are essentially weighted hula-hoops that stay underwater and allow you to swim through them (hence the name). They will make you feel like an acrobat or a gymnast or a mermaid. Who could ask for more than that? These are fun for any age and can add a fun challenge to pool time—kids can see how many hoops they can swim through at once or time themselves. These are very simple toys that invite many possibilities for different games and all kinds of fun activities.
  1. Emoji Universe Beach Balls. These are exactly what they sound like: yellow beach balls with different emojis on them. They come in a pack of 6 so you can express a range of emotions, and they are perfect for bopping around in the pool. Beach balls are not new or innovative by any means but they are timeless and can provide endless fun, especially when there is a face with hearts for eyes printed on.
  1. Inflatable basketball and volleyball. Two classic land games, basketball and volleyball, are even more fun when you bring them into the water. You can find inflatable basketball hoops and volleyball nets at any store that sells pool toys, or you can always find them online. For the volleyball net, make sure you know how wide your pool is so you can buy the right size. We recommend the Intex Pool Volleyball Game, which includes a net and a volleyball. The Swimways Hydro Spring Basketball is a great inflatable basketball hoop that comes with a mini ball especially made for water. Get playing, friends!

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