Pool Renovation Trends of 2019

Posted on: May 22nd, 2019 by

That’s right folks, it’s pool-opening time! As the temperatures heat up and drier conditions make it easy to have your pool open consistently, many owners are taking off those covers and balancing their pools as they prep to enjoy another full summer basking in the warm sun beside it or taking dips, swimming laps, hosting parties. You name it, the time has come. But as you open up your pool, if you think your personal oasis is starting to look a little dated, never fear. There are so many ways to update your pool to keep up with the times and make it feel new to you all over again. Not sure where to start? Here are a few swimming pool renovation trends for 2019 to consider sprucing up your backyard getaway.

Water Features

Think waterfalls. The addition of water features, interactive or not, is an increasingly popular trend in pool renovations. You can go all out and add surrounding rocks and land features to amp up the look of your waterfall or keep it an easy cascading wall of water from your existing structure. Not into the waterfall idea? Consider fountains, rain curtains, bubblers, misters, and more. Pools are a water feature all their own, but there is so much fun to be had with the addition of new features that enhance the visual appeal and overall experience of your pool.

Glass Beads

The finish of your swimming pool has never been more customizable than it is right now. A rising trend in the steps that lead into your pool’s deeper water is glass beads. They offer a change in texture and appearance that is often unexpected and artistic. They’re a beautiful addition to any pool and provide a funky, fun experience for you and your guests. With a wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from, you can completely change the look of your pool with this renovation option.

Glass Tiles

Unlike glass beads, which tend to add more texture and a more randomized look, glass tiles provide a similar level of customization with a slightly more cohesive, streamlined look. This trend also offers a wide range of colors and patterns, allowing you to create a whole new aesthetic for your outdoor oasis with a simple renovation.

Minimalist Design

While some pool owners prefer to add intricate waterfalls and glass beads that add texture, others will find something new to love in the growing minimalist design trend. Clean lines, lots of whites and grays, minimalist pool design is the perfect fit for other renovations such as LED light installations that allow you to set and change the mood based on your own, or the theme of whatever party you might be throwing. If you have a classic pool style and are looking for something more modern and minimalist, you might be in for a larger overhaul renovation, but if you wind up with the minimalist pool of your dreams, we say go for it!

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