Residential Pool Renovation in Atlanta

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As you know, a swimming pool renovation in Atlanta is a great way to update your pool and give it a new and fresh look. It is also an opportunity to update your swimming pool’s systems and help make them eco-friendlier, not to mention also repairing anything that could be awry.

When it came to a recent residential swimming pool in Atlanta, we had the pleasure of giving the owner’s pool a nice (and quick) facelift. The owners enjoyed a beautiful pool with a built in hot tub area. However, the old flooring was dated and was starting to deteriorate.

After a visit to our showroom and looking at different options, the owners opted for a new glass bead finish that would cover the entire pool and hot tub floor. The JewelScapes Lapis bead finish provides a smooth and stunning aqua finish. And, with the blue glass bead finish, it makes the pool look clean and refreshing while providing a tropical ocean feel.

pool renovation in atlanta

We stock a wide variety of JewelScapes pool finishes. They really do sparkle and capture the reflective nature of fine gems that will make your pool’s interior unique. The JewelScapes are offered in a wide array of colors, using only the highest quality pigments and aggregates. Plus, they are extremely durable and long lasting.

In the case of our clients, they could not have been happier with the results. Not only does their newly renovated pool look stunning, we were also able to complete the entire renovation in just under a couple of weeks. As a result, they got ample time to enjoy their newly updated pool during the warmer months.

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