Getting You Pool Ready for Summer

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Pool Opening Tips

Summer is almost here in Atlanta. That means it is a good time to start thinking about getting your pool open and ready to go, especially if you did winterize it this season. Below are our tips for getting your pool up and running for the coming summer months. Remember, opening your pool correctly helps ensure safety and can help save you a lot of money in costly repairs. As always, if you need pool opening service, you can always reach out to Allen Pool Services Atlanta at any time.

Check Supplies

It goes without saying, but before you begin opening your pool, make sure you have all your needed supplies on hand. Also, check expiration dates of chemical and replenish what you need. After all, you do not want to be in the middle of something to only have to stop and run over to your pool supply company.

Clean the Area and Cover

Making sure the area around the pool is clear of debris will make things a lot easier and save you time. Just take a few minutes to sweep up the area. The same is true with your pool cover if you covered your pool for the winter. You will want to remove the cover and sweep off the debris and use a cover cleaner before storing it away for the summer.

Remove Plugs and Re-install Equipment

If you winterized your pool, you will need to remove all the plugs. Then you will reconnect your equipment, including skimmers, filters, pumps and heaters. Make sure you reconnect hoses and check for any cracks, rust, or wear.

Water Pool Level

Bring the water level up to the middle of your skimmer openings. You can top off your pool using a hose. While doing this, take some time to clear out any debris that snuck in during the winter months.

Filter and Vacuum

Once you get the water level up and debris cleared out, it is time to fire up the filtration system. Keep the system running until the water is clean and clear, which can take a couple of days. Also, while doing this, vacuum the pool and scrub down the walls.

Chemical Balance

Once your water is clear, test your chemical levels. If you are not confident in your chemical skills, you can take some samples to a pool professional for testing. Or, you can just call us and we can take care the entire pool opening hassle for you.

If you have any needs when it comes to your pool, you can always reach out to us at 770-451-1621 here in Atlanta.

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