Planning the Perfect Pool Party

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From Memorial Day through Labor day and beyond pool owners love to entertain friends and family with some backyard fun. But, being a pool owner shouldn’t increase your entertainment stress. Your friends at Allen Pool Service know what it takes to throw fun, safe pool parties where guests and hosts alike can have a great time!

Don’t stress about invitations and decorations.

If you want to send out physical invitations, go for it, but these days, email, social media, and group texts will also get the job done and allow you a greater level of spontaneity when the sun is shining and it feels like a great day for a get together. You can get your kids involved with the decorations—everybody loves homemade party decor! You can, of course, supplement with store-bought flowers and centerpieces to add a little flair, but there is no need to go overboard.  Wind, errant volleyballs and water can wreak havoc on fancy decorations, so its best to keep it simple.  Make sure you have some lights around because it will more than likely get dark before your party ends. We think lanterns and string lights are especially fun!

Don’t overdo the food.

Often food isn’t the main attraction at a pool party, so spend the right level of effort and everyone will be happy. Who doesn’t love an all-American barbecue – burgers, dogs, brats, ribs and chicken are surefire hits.  Jazz ’em up with your bbq sauce of choice. Supplement with some prepared salads, fruit and lots of cold beverages and you’ll hear no complaints from the crowd. For truly impromptu get-togethers simplify things for yourself by providing the main course and having your guests bring toppings, side dishes, and desserts.

Have some pool toys and games.

We love our kids, but we also enjoy having a beer with our adult friends while the kids entertain themselves. That’s the beauty of having a pool party: the kids can play for hours in hundreds of gallons of water and be happy as clams. Providing some extra rafts, inner tubes and beach balls will enhance the entertainment. After the swimming is done, our guests, young and old, often migrate to Corn Hole, bocce ball or croquet. Have the right toys on hand and the fun is sure to follow.

Always have music.

We think that music is the key to a successful party. We definitely recommend making a playlist—that way you don’t have to worry about the music after you press play. If you are confident in your DJ ability, you can make a playlist from your own music. You can also use Spotify, Pandora, 8tracks, or any music streaming site to create a pool party playlist. On some sites, you can actually type in “pool party” and a playlist will be generated right then and there. Alternatively, if you have friends or family who play instruments and want to perform, you could have a free live band at your party!

Have a rain plan in place.

Atlanta weather can be particularly fickle, and it is important to have a back-up plan ready to go. If you have this figured out ahead of time, it will take so much stress off, and everyone will still have a great time!

Hopefully you’ve followed the predominant theme echoing throughout this entire post: KEEP IT SIMPLE.  Opening your pool to friends and family is a party in and of itself.  If you burden yourself with extravagant party preps, you will soon tire of entertaining and miss out on the best part of pool ownership – spending time in the sun with the people you love!

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