Peachtree Corners Pool Renovation

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Welcome to another Allen Pool Renovation Spotlight! Each month, we showcase successful pool renovations so that our readers can get ideas and tips for future pool upgrades. You might be thinking: “It’s only January! Why do I need to be thinking about renovations now?” The fact is,now is the perfect time to plan a renovation so you can be sure your pool will be in perfect shape for summer.

Peachtree Corners Pool Renovation – Great New Look

This month we’re focusing on a Peachtree Corners pool renovation. Our customer had recently purchased their home and it became clear that the previous owners had not maintained the pool properly. Surface cracks in the plaster, if left untreated, would have caused expensive long term damage. The customer came in to the Allen Pool Service showroom and we helped her select plaster and tile that suited both her style and her budget. When it comes to pool renovations, there are many materials to choose from and at Allen Pool Service, we are committed to helping our customers realize their visions without breaking the bank. Based on our advice, they chose the QuartzScapes midnight blue plaster with a Blue Seas Rustic tile which gives the pool a more modern, classy look. Because their equipment needed updating, we installed a salt chlorination system in which is easier on the eyes, skin and hair and will save the pool owners money on chemicals in the long run.

Peachtree Swimming Pool | Allen Pool Service

This renovation was truly a collaborative effort.  We helped the customer calculate the cost of various trade-offs in terms of equipment and material quality while never losing sight of their desired look. In the end, they got a exactly what they wanted – a beautiful, new-looking pool with a more environmentally friendly salt system. And we also got exactly what we wanted – another highly satisfied customer that is committed to working with Allen Pool Service for all their future pool care needs.

Many Reasons to Renovate a Pool

There are many different reasons to renovate. You might just want to update the look of your pool. There may be cracks and other normal wear and tear if your pool has not been upgraded in a while. Maybe you want to update the filtration system or other technology in your pool. Safety is a huge concern also, especially for families with children. We want to make sure you have the healthiest, safest, best-looking, most cost-effective pool out there! Allen Pool Service is dedicated to making sure your renovation exceeds your expectations without exceeding your budget. For renovation inquiries or for any of our other services, call Allen Pool Service today at (770) 451-1621 or contact us online today!


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