Keeping Commercial Pools Safe in COVID

Posted on: September 2nd, 2020 by

If you are a property manager of a facility that has a swimming pool, we are sure you have been preoccupied with keeping your pool safe during COVID. We are taking a look at some safety measures you can implement to help in keeping your commercial pool safe in COVID.

Can COVID Spread in Water?

This is a common question we get. And, as commercial pool renovation professionals, we simply point people to the CDC. According to them, there is no evidence that the virus can be spread to people through pool water. This includes hot tubs, spas, or water play areas.

However, this requires proper commercial pool maintenance and operation. This maintenance includes keeping up on disinfection with chlorine and bromine, which should make the virus inactive in the water.

CDC Pool Guidelines in COVID

While the virus may not spread in the pool water itself, you still need to take measures to keep your patrons safe. The best way to ensure keeping your commercial pool safe is to adhere to the CDC guidelines for pool safety. These safety protocols include:

These are some of the main items to help increase pool safety. For a complete list of COVID pool safety measures, please visit the CDC website.

We hope these tips will keep your patrons safe while using your pool facilities. If you need help with any pool maintenance and repairs, or even pool renovations and remodeling, please give us a call at 770-451-1621 or request a free estimate.

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