Fun Pool Accessories for Adults and Kids

Posted on: September 3rd, 2015 by

Everyone has fun in the swimming pool! But when we think about pool accessories, we usually think about toys marketed towards kids: colorful inflatables, water guns, animal floaties. That’s why Allen Pool Service put together this list of all-ages pool accessories to enhance the pool experience for the whole family. Next time you stock up on swimming pool equipment, look for some of these fabulous items.

LayZRiver Cooler Raft

This great item will be the hit of your next pool party allowing all your guests to stay hydrated without ever leaving the pool!  Put your stocked cooler into the cooler raft and enjoy your beverages from the water. It even comes with four cupholders!

Floating Wireless Pool Speaker

Never swim too far from the music—take it with you in the water! This floating pool speaker looks small but sounds fantastic, and it’s totally waterproof and wireless, so you’ll never have to worry about water damage to the speaker itself or the device it’s playing from.

Foam Pool Exercise Set

Work out your muscles in the pool! But instead of lifting against the force of gravity, you’ll be pushing against the force of buoyancy. These foam dumbbells are super-floaty, so don’t underestimate the muscle workout you can get with them in the water.

Solstice Aqua Sofa

Those one-person floating pads are relaxing but rather restrictive. With this self-inflating floating sofa, you can share the soft pool space with friends and family. Everyone gets a seat!

Underwater Light Show

This will wow the crowd: a floating, waterproof disco ball that shines colorful lights onto the bottom and sides of your pool (it works best if these surfaces are white). Its solar battery charges in sunlight and can last 6-8 hours. It works out of water as well, as a normal disco ball. Check out this version that also doubles as a fountain!

These accessories are easy ways to enhance your pool experience; for other ways, including more advanced swimming pool equipment, renovations, maintenance, and more, Allen Pool Service is the place for you. Call us at (770) 451-1621 or contact us online.

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