Frozen Pool? Uh-oh!

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Hopefully, you have done a great job winterizing your pool. But, we also know there are many of you around Atlanta that do not winterize your pool given our mild winters. However, thanks to our recent polar vortex, we have heard from several of you that you have a frozen pool. If that is you, here are some things that could be damaged and you may need pool repair services before you open your pool in the spring.

Pool Tile Repair

If your pool is tile-lined, you may have some tiles that are cracked because of ice forming on the surface. This happens when water penetrates the tiling, and when it freezes it expands and cracks the tiles. While many tiles are treated to resist chipping, if there was already some degree of minor damage due to normal wear and tear from over the years, it is possible for this to occur with freezing temperatures. In the winter months, we do suggest draining your pool below the tile line to protect your tiles should such freezing occur.

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Damaged Skimmers and Filter

Skimmers and filters are typically made of plastic. If they are left in a pool that freezes, the expansion inside the skimmers and filter can cause them to crack. That is why we remove filters and skimmers prior to covering pools in the winter months. Or you can use skimmer plugs which are expandable and can prevent the skimmer from cracking.

Burst Pipes

Burst pipes because of freezing is the worst damage your pool may sustain. This can occur if you did not get all the water out of your pipe when you were winterizing it. Then, that water, as it freezes, expands and pushes against the pipe and it bursts. If you keep your pool open in the winter and experience freezing, it could also stem from your pump system failing. Your pump system is intended to keep water moving, and some systems are automated to activate when the temperature approaches freezing. But, if it fails, the water will cease circulating and can then freeze in your pool and in your pipes.

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