Cool and Practical Pool Renovation Ideas

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Pool Renovation Ideas

Thinking about a swimming pool renovation? You’re not alone. Almost every pool owner has a renovation idea or two, an image in mind for their dream pool. Fortunately, Allen Pool Service is here to help you make the best possible swimming pool renovation decisions, in terms of price, usability, and overall dazzle.

Know Your Renovation Budget?

Most people need to keep spending in check when it comes to swimming pool renovations. Good thing there are plenty of affordable ways to revamp your pool while still incorporating some of the great features you’ve been dreaming of.

Pool resurfacing is both a necessary evil and a great way to update your pool’s look. Not only can a new surface for the pool basin, walls, and waterline completely transform the look of your pool, but it can also remedy cracks, leakages, and other issues that commonly arise within the pool structure. Plaster surfacing is your most affordable option.  You can go with the classic clean white look or get creative with different colors.  You may also want to consider an aggregate surface which is more expensive but long-lasting and very elegant looking.

Your pool’s waterline tile may require more repair than its walls and basin; retiling the waterline can also offer a striking visual transformation of your swimming pool, especially when matched with the surrounding tile and landscape or coordinated with a similar renovation of the surroundings.

Sprucing up pool surroundings with plants, walls, furniture, pagodas, or a pool-house can be just as transformative as renovating the pool itself. Before diving into a project, consider whether the pool or the surroundings needs the bigger facelift.

Thinking Big With Swimming Pool Renovation

If price isn’t a major constraint, your swimming pool renovation horizons grow much wider. There are many renovations that you can think of as “add-ons” to your pool. For instance, installing water features like waterfalls, sprayers, or scuppers can turn a basic backyard pool into a dramatic oasis.

Play features like diving boards, slides, basketball hoops, volleyball nets, and the like can also improve your pool experiencing without compromising how the pool is built. Even an in-pool or poolside bar can accomplish this.

Sometimes, turning your current pool into your dream pool can require major structural renovation—and that’s okay. Changing the shape or size of your pool, incorporating a spa or lounge area into your pool, or creating a zero-edge or waterfall edge pool can be extensive projects, but they can be worth it if they result in the swimming pool of your dreams. And if done tastefully, these renovations can pay off in added property value.

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