Commercial Pool Renovation in Atlanta

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For obvious reasons, summer is our favorite season here at Allen Pool Atlanta, and we can feel summer in the air! Our Renovation Spotlight today is a commercial pool renovation that we recently did in Atlanta, and this pool is ready for all kinds of summer activities thanks to our hardworking team at Allen Pool.

Like I said above, this specific renovation was commercial—we specialize in both residential and commercial renovations and we love the different approaches to each type. For commercial pool renovations, the main difference is that we typically work with a property group or a management of some kind rather than just with the private owner. We also have to take city code compliance into account with commercial renovations. This particular renovation of an apartment complex pool involved working with a property management group. The pool had aged and was in need of a new look and updated technology. The management group owns several properties and wanted to renovate each pool with the same materials.

Pool Renovation Process

Atlanta commercial pool renovation

Our first step in every renovation is to bring the customer into our showroom and help with material selection. We did this with the management team, and after talking over the desired look of the pool, the budget, and the city codes, the group made their choices. They went with new plaster in Quartz Blue, new tile, and LED lighting. The LED lighting in particular stands out in this renovation because it is a great choice for commercial properties. LED lighting is more energy-efficient than standard lighting, and it therefore ends up saving the company a good amount of money since the pool lights are on for extended periods of time each day.

After the management team selected these materials, Allen Pool Atlanta provided them with an estimate, and once they agreed we got down to business. We worked closely with the management team every step of the way to ensure their satisfaction—this is our philosophy at Allen Pool. We want to make sure our customers are at the center of each service we provide because they are the ones who will be enjoying (not to mention paying for) the finished product.

We love our customers and do everything we can to balance their visions and their budgets. The new pool at the Allure looks shiny and modern, and the management team and residents were thrilled with the results. Commercial renovations are always an enjoyable challenge, and we hope you will consider Allen Pool Atlanta for your commercial renovation needs.

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