Can I Change the Depth and Shape of My Pool?

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Most people considering pool renovations are looking for simple changes that can make a big difference in their pool experience. Changing the pool decking, adding lights, some water features, fire, and more can be an affordable way to increase your enjoyment of your pool.

However, some people want to know if it’s possible to make major changes to their pool, such as reworking the depth and shape of their pool. Yes, that’s possible, but depending on the type of pool, it might be prohibitively expensive.

Reshaping Vinyl Pools

Vinyl pools have several benefits, and one of these is that they are almost infinitely customizable in shape. This isn’t just true when you initially put the pool in, it goes just as well when resurfacing or remodeling your vinyl pool.

With a vinyl pool, it’s relatively easy to change the shape or depth of the pool. We can dig out additional areas to expand the pool or dig down to make the pool deeper. Anywhere the pool isn’t reshaped, the old pool walls can stay in place and not need modifications. While you will likely need a new vinyl liner for your pool, this isn’t especially time-consuming or expensive – the low cost of installing a vinyl pool is one of its main benefits. Besides, it’s recommended to replace the liner regularly anyway.

Reshaping Concrete Pools

Reshaping concrete pools is also possible. We can dig out new pool areas to expand a pool or use clean fill to give you back some area if you think your pool is too large. We can dig the pool deeper or reduce the depth of the pool in some places.

However, working with concrete is a little harder than working with vinyl and earth. Concrete is harder to cut and more time-consuming to pour and shape than vinyl. Plus, there’s a risk that in cutting and breaking the unwanted concrete, some of the wanted part of the pool might be damaged. When that happens, we have to repair or sometimes replace more of the pool than we initially planned. This makes reshaping a concrete pool more expensive, with the potential that the costs might rise to the point where it might be cheaper to break out the old pool and start fresh.

However, if you don’t mind the expense, concrete pools are also almost infinitely shapable.

In the process of looking at your pool and proposed modifications, we will explain the likely range of costs so you can know this before you get into the project.

Reshaping Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pools are installed as a single complete shell. Except for a few minor modifications, like adding a Baja shelf, spill over spa, or other secondary pools, you can’t reshape a fiberglass pool.

If you want to reshape a fiberglass pool, you are essentially starting over, and then you can decide on any shape, depth, or material you want to make your new pool.

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