3 Things to Avoid Costly Pool Repairs This Winter

Posted on: October 26th, 2017 by

Avoid Pool Repairs this Winter

The dog days of summer have come and gone and now that winter is on it’s way, you’re wondering what it might be time to fix in your pool before it gets too cold. Or maybe you’re planning on keeping your pool open year-round and want to make sure all the tools needed to ensure a smooth winter with your pool are running as they should be. Whichever side you’re on, the winter is a great time in Atlanta to take a look at your pool’s overall health and make some winter pool repair and/or pool maintenance decisions to make it last even longer.

Controlling Algae Growth

This is especially important for those closing the pool for the winter. Algae growth can cause a number of problems for your pool’s health, not to mention it’s a pain to remove come spring time. If you think you’ve removed all the algae and you’re ready to close up shop, make sure to add phosphate remover to inhibit any algae growth over the winter months.

Must-Haves for Winter

It’s extremely important in the winter to have an automated pump system and a heater system for your pool running impeccably if you’re planning on keeping your pool open for the winter. If you’ve been having any issues with these systems, now is the time to get them checked, repaired, or replaced. There is nothing worse than getting halfway through the winter only to find that your pump has failed, your pool has frozen, and you’re stuck with pipe and pool damage you weren’t ready for.

Look at Upgrades

Chances are you’ll be using your pool less in the winter. It’s colder, holiday schedules are crazy, and it’s just not the same as a hot summer day spent laying out and cooling off when you need to. That makes the winter the perfect time to upgrade some pool systems if you’ve been waiting. Lighting, pumps, heaters, maybe even making the switch to a saltwater pool system. In the slower pool months, it’s easier to make these changes without interrupting your pool time and without worrying about peak season prices, too.

Winter for pools can be a bit of a mixed bag, but taking these steps, making necessary repairs, and getting your pool ready for another great season will not only help extend the life of your pool, but will also make your time in and around it that much more enjoyable. Plus, taking care of these things as the weather cools down means you’ll have less to worry about next spring when you’re getting ready for pool season to be in full swing once more.

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