Alpharetta Pool Service: Winterize Your Pool in Georgia

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While the thermometer reached 72 degrees here in Alpharetta, Georgia today, we know how quickly that can change.  That’s why Allen Pool Services helps hundreds of Alpharetta pool owners get their pools ready for winter. Winterizing your pool is essential to its upkeep and maintenance. To minimize winter wear and tear, proper preparation and a strong pool cover are essential. Even indoor pools that are sheltered from the elements need an annual inspection similar to winterizing in order to keep working properly. Here are the important steps we follow to get pools ready for winter:

Balance the Water

First, we clear all debris out the pool, treat and test your pool water a week before closing. It’s important to keep your pool pH between 7.6 and 7.8, your calcium hardness between 150 and 250, and your pool alkalinity between 80 and 100. Next we give your pool a chlorine shock in order to kill off bacteria, bringing the chlorine level up to 10-12ppm. Then let the chlorine return to1.5-3.5ppm before adding your final, winterizing components: pool algaecides, winterizing chemicals, and a pool cover.

Remove All Pool Accessories

We need to remove all above-ground and in-ground pool accessories in order to cover your pool successfully. That includes handrails, ladders, slides, heaters, vacuums, pool cleaners, and wall fittings. These objects will not only prevent your pool cover from fitting properly, they might also sustain damage during the winter, even here in Alpharetta.

Lower the Water Level

We recommend lowering your pool’s water level to 4-6 inches below the lowest plumbing line using a pump or water vacuum. This protects your pool pipes and equipment from damage due to freezing. As long as your pool water is only touching the bare walls and floor of the pool, not any valuable equipment or tubing, it is unlikely to cause any problems if your pool water freezes.

Drain the Equipment & Empty the Chemical Feeder

We make sure to drain water from all your pipes and equipment. Remove the drain plugs: your pump, filter, heater, and chlorinator all have drain plugs, and removing them will let out any extra water. For extra safety, we blow or suck the water out with a vacuum. Then, we empty your chemical feeder and dispose of the chemicals, if you happen to try this on your own, make sure to wear proper safety gloves and goggles!

Cover the Pool

In order to keep your pool clean and free of algae, we recommend a thick pool cover that will fit over your entire pool and block out all sunlight and debris. It’s a good idea to place one or more air pillows on the water’s surface, which will hold up the cover like a tent, helping debris to fall or blow off rather than collect on top. Once we stretch your cover over the top and seal the edges, your pool is successfully winterized!

Whether you want to tackle your pool closing alone or prefer to leave everything to your Alpharetta pool service experts, contact Allen Pool Service to make sure you’ve got it right. We are eager to help you with pool closing or any of your other swimming pool service needs. Call Allen Pool Service at (770) 451-1621 or get in touch with us online.



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