5 Common Problems Impacting Pools During Winter

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Most of us don’t use our pools in the winter, which means it’s easy to forget about them. You shouldn’t, though, because neglecting your pool in the winter could lead to some major problems that will cause you headaches in the spring.

Here are some of the common problems people experience with their pools during the winter, and how to avoid them.

Cover Blowing Off

Fall and winter winds can be brutal. Most pool covers are like a sail, and if they catch the wind, they are likely to blow off. Properly securing a properly designed and installed pool cover should keep this from happening most of the time.

However, it’s not unusual for the wind to catch the pool cover at the wrong angle, causing it to blow up and off the pool. If this happens, debris, snow, and rainwater can get into your pool. If you don’t notice the debris in the pool, it can lie there decaying until spring. This can discolor the water and stain your liner.

Check your pool cover during or after any windy weather. It’s also not a bad idea to look under your pool cover periodically just in case something managed to get underneath. Cleaning this out as soon as you notice it will help keep your pool in good shape.

Water and Debris Collecting in Pool Cover

When it rains or snows, water can collect on the pool cover. As it does, it causes the middle to sag, which means it will collect more water. This water then collects leaves and other blowing debris. This situation puts stress on the pool cover, which can cause it to rip, spilling the water and debris into the pool.

Sagging is partly due to the water level being low in the winter. You can prevent some of the sagging using air pillows, which support the pool cover. You should also clean out the water and debris from the cover periodically just to make sure it doesn’t get damaged. This might mean removing the cover so you can clean it thoroughly. Usually, you can wait for a nice day, but if you notice the cover is sagging significantly, you might have to do it during the cold.

Water Freezing in Pipes

5 Common Problems Impacting Pools During WinterWhen water freezes, it expands, which can burst the pipes in your pool system. If you winterized your pool properly, there shouldn’t be water in the pipes to freeze. It’s best to do this far in advance of freezing warnings, but if you haven’t done it and the forecast looks cold, it’s better late than never.

And if you’re keeping your pool open for the winter, make sure you have the water warm enough and circulating to keep the pipes from freezing.

If you did winterize your pipes, it’s still not a bad idea to look in the system and make sure it’s still dry when you see a freeze warning.

Pool Leaks

Pool leaks aren’t that common, but they are serious enough that it’s worth checking to be aware of. During the summer, you have to keep adding water to the pool because it’s losing water to evaporation. In the winter, cooler temperatures and a cover should keep evaporation to a minimum, so if the water level is dropping significantly, there’s a problem.

Green Water

Green water is a very common problem with pools in the winter. This happens when algae grows in the pool. It’s usually because of a combination of two factors. First, debris getting into the pool can provide nutrients for algae. Second, poor maintenance of chemicals in the pool allows the algae to grow. Green water not only looks unpleasant, but it can also stain the pool lining, so it’s important to avoid this problem or correct it when it occurs.

Full correction might have to wait until spring, but if you notice algae starting to grow in your pool, adjust the pool chemistry and clean out any debris to help stop the growth during the winter.

Winter Pool Maintenance in Atlanta

While pools don’t require as much maintenance over the winter as they do during the summer, it’s still work, and if you would rather not handle it yourself, Allen Pool Service can help. For mor than 40 years, we have been helping Atlanta pool owners enjoy their pools hassle-free.

We offer winter pool maintenance packages that can help you avoid these problems and make sure your pool is in top shape and ready to open in the spring.

To schedule winter pool maintenance in Atlanta, please call (770) 451-1621 or use our online contact form today.



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