Why Winter’s the Best Time to Spring Plan for Your Pool

Posted on: November 29th, 2017 by

Winter Pool Renovation

Here in Atlanta, there’s a lot that can be done in the winter to get your pool ready for the next season, whether or not you’re keeping it open in the winter. Thanks to our more temperate weather, believe it or not, the winter is the best time to plan and complete a winter pool renovation. If you’ve been thinking about updating your pool, now’s a perfect time to ensure it will be ready by spring!

Dream Big

What fun is having a pool if you can’t make it your dream pool? When you’re at the very beginning stages of planning your winter pool renovation, dream big. You can always scale back later when you start to budget and decide what’s most important. Having a clear picture of your ideal pool remodel is a great launching pad to figure out what your style is really like, where it differs greatly from what you already have, and what is and isn’t possible with your property and the pool you currently have.

Balance Design and Function

Obviously, you want your remodel to look nice, but balancing the design aspects with function and the right tech to meet your needs is just as important. Do some research on the type of pool you want. If you’re thinking about switching from chlorine to a salt water system with the remodel, you’ll want to know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. As you’re comparing your design dreams to your function needs, make sure to brush up on local codes and make sure your new design has all the necessary safety features.

Remodel in the Winter

The beauty of owning a pool in Atlanta is that you can use the “off-season” of the winter to remodel without having to worry about all the problems caused by remodels in cold weather elsewhere. While a winter remodel may keep you from doing the whole year-round pool thing, if you’re on the edge of needing some repairs anyway, it’s the perfect opportunity to give your space a little facelift and have it ready to go with plenty of time before the official “pool season” starts up again in the late spring.

Once you’ve considered budget, design and function necessities, and determined a timeline that you’d like to follow if possible, it’s time to hire the right team to make those big pool dreams come true! If you’re in the Atlanta area, we’d love to be your pool-perfecting partners.

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