Why Winter Pool Renovation?

Posted on: November 29th, 2016 by

Here at Allen Pool Service, we all live in and around Atlanta. As we typically have mild winters, many folks keep their pools open throughout the season. But, winter is a great time for you to consider pool renovations. As your swimming pool renovation experts , we have put together your reasons for winter pool renovation.

Reason #1 for Winter Pool Renovation

The biggest reason for doing your pool renovation in the winter is because it helps ensure you can get your pool open in the Spring and early summer. As we have mild winters, we can handle renovations during the colder months. But, people typically wait until after January to even think about their renovations. At that point, schedules can be very full and renovations may take longer. During the winter months, you won’t be competing with all the others getting their pool renovated so you will stand a better chance of having it ready for that first BBQ!

Reason #2 for Winter Pool Renovation

As winter is a little slower, you may be able to save money on your renovation. When schedules become tighter, oftentimes subcontractor labor costs can go up. But, in the winter, those labor costs can be lower and a little more stable. And, going back to reason #1, turnaround time on a renovation can be faster. As a result, this can mean lower labor costs.

Reason #3 for Winter Pool Renovation

We will let you in on a little secret. In the winter, it is easier to get quality materials for your pool. When it is busy for renovations, there are times that materials can be harder to secure and inventory can start to run low. And, if materials should run out, it can delay the completion of your renovation. In the winter, having access to materials is not an issue. Plus, you will have more of a range of materials to choose from for your dream pool.

Reason #4 for Winter Pool Renovation

Let’s face it, are you using your pool in the winter? Even here in Atlanta, while some keep their pools open, they simply do not get a lot of use. That is why, we believe, it is just better to close your pool in the winter and protect against the fluke freeze that causes pipe damage. If you renovate in the winter, you will have peace of mind that not only will your pool be protected, but also that your dream pool will be ready to go come spring!

How to Use This Information

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