What Is Involved in a Pool Renovation?

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Are you considering a pool renovation? If so, you might wonder what is involved. That’s a complicated question to answer, because pool renovations are custom procedures. Your pool renovation isn’t necessarily going to look the same as your neighbor’s.

However, there are a few things that all pool renovations have in common, and we’ll run through those steps here.


The first step in your pool renovation is a consultation. We’ll come out and view your pool, then talk to you about your goals for your renovation.

Many people just want to repair damage and/or wear to the pool. Worn plaster and a worn or damaged deck are two of the most common reasons why people want to renovate their pools.

However, it’s also possible that you might want to update the pool’s appearance and/or materials. For example, you might consider updating from plaster surfacing to tile. Or you might consider changing the concrete pool deck to stone or other material. You might also consider adding or updating pool lighting to make it easier to enjoy your pool at night.

Finally, the most extensive pool renovation involves adding features to your pool. Maybe you want your pool larger and/or deeper. Or perhaps you want to add attractive water features like a fall or fountain. Some people even want to add a hot tub to their pool. Maybe you want a fire feature in or around your pool.

We’ll listen to your ideas about the pool renovation and potentially provide suggestions based on our experience with pool renovations across Atlanta for the last five decades.

Proposal and Estimate

pool remodelOnce we’ve determined what you want from your pool renovation, we will draw up a proposal that includes a comprehensive estimate. Our extensive experience with pool renovation lets us make highly accurate estimates. We are well known for delivering our pool renovations on time and on budget.

Chances are that you’re collecting more than one estimate for your pool renovation. If you have a pool quote that’s substantially lower than ours, the odds are good that they’re neglecting something in their estimate that you’ll have to pay for later. Show us this lower quote, and we’ll help you understand the difference.

Once you sign off on the proposal, we’ll get started.

Preparing the Site

The first step in renovating your pool is typically to clean up and remove old materials. For example, before we replaster the pool, we’ll need to scrape off the old plaster and smooth the pool walls. Depending on the nature and condition of your old deck, we might need to remove the old decking material before installing a new deck.

If you want to expand the pool or add features, we might need to excavate.

Completing Renovations

worker completing pool renovationsOnce we’ve prepared the site, we can begin doing the renovations. We can spray on new plaster and/or install tiles. We’ll pour concrete in new pool areas, making sure to install components for the new area’s features beforehand. While the concrete sets, we may install additional features in other areas. We will put in your new deck material and lighting.

We have extensive experience with pool renovations, so we know the proper order for each step to achieve your renovations efficiently. That helps us get your renovations done faster and helps you enjoy cost savings

Clean-Up and Approval

Once the renovations are completed, we’ll go around and do the cleanup necessary to get your pool ready for use. This may include adding coatings where necessary to protect materials from pool water.

You’ll have had a chance to watch the entire renovation process, so there shouldn’t be any surprises, but when we’re finished with the renovations, we’ll present the result to you for final approval.

Trust Atlanta’s Pool Renovation Experts

When you’re looking for the best pool renovation company for your project, choose someone with experience. Since 1972, we’ve been helping Atlanta pool owners get the most out of their pools. That’s over 50 years – you don’t stay in business that long and not learn a few lessons along the way.

Pool renovations can be complicated. It’s not uncommon for an inexperienced pool company to start on a project without knowing how to achieve their end goal, or realizing how complicated the project is going to be. Cost overruns and missed deadlines are the result.

However, Allen Pool has a great record of completing our pool renovations on time and on budget. Check out the dozens of projects in our before and after gallery of pool renovations, and you’ll see some of the amazing work we’ve accomplished in pool renovations for your neighbors. Read our reviews and you’ll see how satisfied people are with our work.

If you’re ready to start your pool renovation project, please contact us today for a free initial quote. Allen Pool Service performs pool renovations in Atlanta and the surrounding area.

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