How to Extend Your Poolside Fun Into the Winter

Posted on: December 4th, 2017 by

Using Pool in Winter – Yes You Can!

This fall has seen some of the warmest temperatures on record for many parts of the country, and with more warm days on the calendar to come, many people, especially in the Atlanta area, are considering keeping their pool open and using pool in winter. We touched on some of the things you want in place if you’re winterizing your pool last month, but this month, let’s talk a little more about what to do if you’re dead set on extending your poolside fun through the winter months.

The Pros

Keeping your pool open all winter long means you get to enjoy the beautiful view your pool provides, as well as having the opportunity to take a dip anytime you want. It also saves you the cost of winterizing your pool and keeping all those winter pool supplies on hand.

The Cons

What you save in winterizing costs may be nullified by the added cost of running the pumps and keeping the pool open and properly chlorinated all winter. If, by chance, an unexpected freeze does happen, you may run the risk of damaging pipes or the pool itself, and if the water or air temperatures are too cold you may run into problems with your heat pump or salt chlorinator ceasing to do its job properly, or at all.

Staying Open for the Winter

If the cons are still outweighed by the pros and you are ready to keep that “open for parties” sign on your pool all winter long, you’ll need to make sure you have a few things in order. Keep your pumps running, your valves open, and your pool clean and balanced. Just like you would in the summer, make sure you’re checking on the pH levels in the pool regularly and adjusting as needed, and ensure that you’re not growing any algae or other unwanted bacteria with regular cleaning.

Some pool owners may still be worried about that unexpected freeze even in temperate locations such as ours, so if you’re concerned but not enough to close up shop for the winter, consider purchasing and installing a freeze sensor. A freeze sensor will help ensure that when the temperatures are too low, your pool pumps come on and circulate the water as necessary to keep it from freezing and damaging your pool and all the systems attached to it.

The sun is still out, the air is still warm, and your pool is still as inviting as it was a couple of months ago, so why not enjoy it? If you need some assistance in pool maintenance or are looking for some new equipment to keep your pool open all winter, we’d love to help. As pool experts in the Atlanta area, we want to make sure your pool experience is top-notch regardless of what time of year it might be.

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