Pool Accessories You Need Before You Uncover for the Year

Posted on: March 15th, 2018 by

Must HavesĀ for Uncovering Your Pool

We’re getting closer and closer to Spring, when pool season will be in full swing once again here in the Atlanta area. If you’re thinking about uncovering your pool and getting it into working condition for the spring/summer/fall, there are a few things you’ll want to make sure you have on hand. These accessories and tools are necessities for new owners who might be reopening their pool for the first time, but it serves as a great reminder for pool veterans, too.

Spring Opening Kit

A spring opening kit will have all of the chemicals you need to get your pool swim-ready once again. That includes chlorine, balancing chemicals, shock, and chlorine stabilizer. Shock is probably the most important part of this kit if you own a chlorinated pool. Adding it to your water will elevate the chlorine content, killing off bacteria that might have formed over the winter and clear out dead chlorine that has already done its job and needs to go. Just don’t forget to bring it back down to safe levels before taking your first dip of the year!

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Test Strips

Test strips are crucial throughout the season, but especially when you’re getting your pool ready for the year. They will determine whether or not your pool is properly balanced. You should have an ample amount of these at your disposal and check the levels in your water regularly.

Telescopic Pole w/Skimmer Head

We’re still daydreaming of the pool that cleans itself, but until that tech hits the market, you’ll still need one of these puppies to help keep your pool free and clear of debris. You may also want to consider a vacuum head and hose as well. Paired together, the telescopic pole with those additional accessories are a pool owner’s saving grace when it comes time to clean the pool. Keep an eye on your pool day-to-day, and aim to at least run the skimmer over the whole surface of the pool once a week.

We’ll dive deeper into a spring opening checklist soon, but having the right equipment and chemicals on hand is the first step to a successful pool opening, so get these items checked off first and feel fully prepared for your best pool season yet.

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