Swimming Pool Renovation in Buckhead

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Renovated Pool Project Buckhead, Georgia

Here at Allen Pool Atlanta, we are more than ready for summer. Between maintenance, repair work and swimming pool renovation, it is our busiest time, and we are excited for our customers to benefit from our awesome pool services! In preparation for the warm days ahead, we wanted to show you a recent residential swimming pool renovation in Buckhead we completed so you might be inspired to create the pool of your dreams.

The family wanted to update the look of the pool, install updated equipment, and make the pool safer for them and their guests. No matter the size of your renovation, we can help you find the best materials for you! This is an example of a fairly full renovation, so we spent a lot of time in our showroom with the family. Before picking out materials, we met with the family to get information on their budget and their ideas for the renovation. Then we took them into the showroom and directed them to materials we felt would fit both their visions and their budget. We never want to rush our customers through the process because we want to make sure every material is exactly what they are looking for—however much time they need is the perfect amount of time for us! The family picked out new tile (Trident blue with glass deco), new flagstone coping, an updated pool finish (in Quartz Superblue), and new equipment. They picked out a new filtration system and also new lights for their pool.

buckhead swimming pool renovation

Once the family had selected their materials, APS provided them with an estimate. After getting the family’s approval, our crew went to work on this awesome renovation. The family provided us with feedback throughout the process, and we made sure to keep them in the loop as well. Every renovation we complete is a partnership between Allen Pool and the customer, and we treat it as such! The new materials really give the pool an updated, modern look. The new equipment has made the pool more efficient and cleaner—two qualities that a pool owner loves! We were so thrilled to hear that the Bighiu family loves their renovation, and they are excited to use their shiny new pool this summer. If you are looking to make your renovation dreams a reality, contact Allen Pool Services! Have a great start of the summer.

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