Stay Fit This Winter With Indoor Water Aerobics

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Winter is in full swing, and getting in the pool this time of year may be the last thing thing on your mind!  But we’re all looking for ways to stay fit during the winter months, and there is nothing like water aerobics for a low stress, high value workout. That’s exactly why it’s worth a closer look: water aerobics can bring joy and health benefits to everybody, and so I hope by the end of this post, you’re ready to jump in the pool.  The Allen Pool approach is to continually look for ways to simplify your life and enhance your pool enjoyment!

Low Impact – High Value

Water aerobics is a low impact activity, and I think for some of us that means we aren’t working hard. I want to dispel the idea that for a workout to be effective, you have to hurt afterward. Water aerobics, specifically because it is low impact, is easier on your joints than traditional cardio or weight lifting activities. The water also adds resistance, which increases your endurance and strength. When you participate in water aerobics, you are vertical in the water, which means you are creating the maximum resistance. This makes water aerobics a very effective workout.

Not Your Grandma’s Workout

Water aerobics is a great activity for any person, no matter what kind of training you are looking for. If you are recovering from surgery, this is a great activity for easing into being active. If you are training for a 5K or even a marathon, think about adding water aerobics and water running to your routine! Because of the low impact, you can actually train longer in water than you would be able to on land, and the added resistance of the water will really help your body prepare for your goal. Besides strength and joint relief, water activities such as aerobics can help you relieve stress, improve your balance, increase your flexibility, and enjoy your workout while burning a serious number of calories. No matter who you are, this wonderful activity is worth a try! Make it a goal to spend more time in the water in 2016.

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