Residential Swimming Pool Renovation in Marietta

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Summer is drawing near, and if you are like us here at Allen Pool Atlanta, you have already been dreaming about the first glorious swim in your pool. However, your actual pool may not look like the one in your dreams. Don’t worry—we can help with that! Swimming Pool renovation is one of many services we offer at Allen Pool.

There are many reasons our customers choose to renovate. Some want to update the look of their pool. Some have just moved into a new home with a long-neglected pool that needs serious work. Many renovate for safety reasons, especially where children are concerned. Whatever your reason may be, we are excited to help out and provide the best customer service out there!

Pool Renovation Marietta, GA

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This month, we are featuring one of our renovations completed in Marietta, GA. This customer wanted an updated look for the tile and the deck, and the surface of the pool needed a bit of sprucing up, as it was stained in places from debris buildup. We had an initial meeting with the customer to get an idea of what they wanted the end product to look like, and to find out more about their budget. From there, the customer came to our showroom and picked out a new tile and a Quartz plaster to smooth out the inside of the pool to give it a fresh, clean look. They also decided on a spray deck, which lightened up the color, making his yard look much brighter. It also helped make the deck surface smoother and kinder to bare feet.

Throughout this renovation, we made sure the customer was in the loop for the entire renovation process, which is one of our founding principles here at Allen Pool. We believe our customers should be as involved as they want to be, since the finished product is theirs! We also make it a priority to find the balance between our customers’ visions and their budgets. We love our customers, and we work hard to make every renovation perfect for the people who work with us. If you are looking to renovate or just want to chat about the possibility, please contact Allen Pool Atlanta!

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Here at Allen Pool Atlanta, we want to make sure that your pool is everything you dreamed it would be. We offer many services, from maintenance to repairs to renovation, and every service is customer-focused because we want to give you the very best. For any of these services, call Allen Pool today at (770) 451-1621 or contact us online today!

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