Acid Wash: A Great Way to Remove Pool Stains

Posted on: January 28th, 2016 by

If you are a pool owner, this month is a great time to think about pool renovations. Our renovation season begins in February because we want to make sure all our customers’ pools are ready by summertime. If one of your resolutions is to make your pool the best it can be, we are here to help! Without regular maintenance, your pool surface may begin to grow algae, and algae growth that sits in a pool for several months will stain the plaster to a point where standard cleaning isn’t enough. When this happens, it’s time to consider an acid wash. Here we explain the basics of the acid wash process and showcase the dramatic results from an acid-wash we recently completed, so you can get a better idea of what it looks like.

What is a Swimming Pool Acid Wash?

Acid washing is a high-quality stain removal technique. If your water is murky or greenish-black, it may be time for an acid wash. When a pool is not regularly maintained, algae will begin to grow. If the algae sit for an extended period of time, it will stain your plaster deeply, and a regular washing will not do the trick. There are two easy ways to tell if you are in need of an acid wash. The first is if you are unable to see the bottom of your pool through the water. The second is if you scrub your pool and the algae come off but they quickly grow back. Should you encounter either of these situations or if you just want to know whether your pool needs an acid-wash, please contact us!

How Does an Acid Wash Work?

To give you an idea of what an acid-wash entails, we have an example of a recently completed project. Our customer had just moved into her house, and the previous owners had left the pool uncovered for several years. As you can see, it was algae city in there! Overall the pool and deck were in good condition—we did not need to do any large-scale repairs. After talking with our customer and learning about her needs and her budget, we decided that an acid-wash was the way to go. We drained the pool completely and then used a hose to wet the walls of the pool. We then mixed hydrochloric acid with water (equal parts) and sprayed the solution on the walls and the bottom of the pool, making sure to wash it with water afterwards. We then used soda ash to neutralize the acidic water in the pool. As you can see, the results were incredible, and our customer was thrilled!


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Here at Allen Pool our relationships with our customers are our number one priority. We that pool maintenance is just another chore on your long list, and we want to make renovations and repairs as painless as possible. We work with our customers every step of the way and make it a goal to exceed expectations while never exceeding a customer’s budget. Whatever the reason for your renovation—updating the look, upgrading the technology, ensuring the safety of your pool—Allen Pool is here to help. For renovation inquiries or for any of our services, call Allen Pool today at (770) 451-1621 or contact us online!


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