Professional Pool Maintenance? Why?

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There are many pool owners out there that decide to go it alone when it comes to pool maintenance. In fact, we know many of you that use to do pool maintenance yourself until we reformed you! For a lot of our reformed customers, they thought it did not seem too complicated. Well, that was until there was a problem with a pump or a filter issue, which then created a bunch of cascading problems and costly repairs. As your Atlanta pool maintenance and service experts, there are many reasons to consider professional pool maintenance.

Why Professional Pool Maintenance

First and foremost, having your pool professionally maintained will help keep your pool operating more efficiently and smoothly. After all, pool maintenance is more than just cleaning your pool. It is also about keeping an eye on all the equipment and ensuring they are maintained and serviced. In fact, we have rescued several poorly maintained pools that were real health hazards in which family and friends were sick after swimming in them.

Some Overlooked Pool Maintenance Items

Filters are the number one overlooked item when it comes to do-it-yourself pool maintenance here in Atlanta. Filters are what keep your pool clean and sparkling. But, there are a variety of filters that require different service. Some filters need recharging and others need back-washing. Some filters are a cartridge, diatomaceous, or even sand. Regardless of filter type, they all require proper service to keep your pool clean and running efficiently. If properly maintained, you should expect to get several years out of your filter.

The next overlooked item is your pump. The pump keeps the water circulating so it can be cleaned. When the pump fails, the water becomes stagnant, murky, and can become contaminated. Algae love nothing more than a pump system that is not properly maintained! Luckily for you, a certified pool maintenance professional will check your pump and make sure it is in good working order.

Covers are another area where professional pool maintenance can help. Covers easily attract mildew and can become damaged if not taken care of properly. A professional will know how to correctly clean and store your cover so it can last for many years.

Basic Pool Maintenance Peace of Mind

In addition to keeping an eye on your pool systems and filters, pool maintenance professionals will also make sure your chemicals are correctly balanced, as well as make sure the pool itself is cleaned. That way, your only job is just enjoying your pool. We offer weekly maintenance programs for our Atlanta area customers. Call us at 770-451-1621 or contact us online if you have questions about pool maintenance.

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