Pool Renovation Ideas

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Are you feeling a little underwhelmed by the state of your swimming pool? Well, it is never too late to consider a swimming pool renovation and makeover. We have some great pool renovation ideas that can transform your pool into a summer oasis and the envy of your neighborhood.

Pool Design Materials

If you are updating your pool, the materials you select are very important and help dictate the life of your pool. Vinyl, while usually the cheapest option, is not as durable and will need to be replaced more frequently. Many of our recent residential and commercial pool renovations have been using concrete or fiberglass. (See our article “Fiberglass, Vinyl, or Concrete – Which Pool Material Last Longest?” for more information.)

Tiles and Glass Floor

To help liven up your pool makeover, mosaic border tiles or even glass beaded flooring can add sparks of additional personality. After all, who just wants a concrete pool? Adding tiles and glass beading, literally, adds shimmer to your pool. Some glass beaded flooring creates the illusion of depth and deeper watercolor. Depending on the color of beading, you can make your pool look like a deep ocean blue.

Decking and Coping

Many of our renovations involve updating coping and the decking around the pool. Stone coping still continues to be very on trend, giving your pool area a more nature-like feel.

Lighting Features

Nothing beats great lighting. Today there are so many LED options to help brighten your pool area. Also, color changing lights can help you customize your pool to any mood you feel. When considering lighting, don’t just limit yourself to in pool lighting. Consider lighting options for your entire outdoor area.

Some Extra Accessories

As always, little extras can make all the difference in your pool makeover. For example, adding a waterfall feature can help create a calming effect for your outdoor oasis. If you have kids, you have to have a diving board, basketball hoop, or perhaps some sort of slide feature. If you enjoy entertaining outdoors, adding a cabana or outdoor showers with a changing station could be right up your alley.

Again, if you are looking for ideas for a pool makeover, please give us a call and schedule a free consultation. Or, take a look at our galleries for more inspiration.

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