Pool Renovation Ideas – Budget and Eco-Friendly

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Budget Friendly Pool Renovations

Feeling a little down about your pool and wish you could update it? Perhaps you bought a new home, but acquired someone else’s definition of a dream pool?  There can be plenty of reasons you may want to consider a pool renovation, but you may not be willing to take on a major renovation. As Atlanta’s leading pool renovation team, we understand. To that end, we have put together some budget friendly renovation ideas that will help you save money over time as many are also eco-friendly.

Do keep in mind, while some of these pool renovation ideas will help you save a buck or two if your pool has serious structural or equipment problems, there is little way to get around a major renovation. But, if your pool is functional and you are looking to save some money over time and avoid costly renovations, these ideas could work for you.

LED Pool Lighting

For quick and budget friendly pool renovations, you may want to upgrade to LED lighting. LED lights are more energy efficient and last longer, but installation can be more expensive. You can install LED lighting below the surface of the water and anywhere around the pool area. And, since they come in a variety of colors (and some have color changing technology) you can create a customized oasis in your backyard.

Energy Efficient Pool Equipment

Like a lot of common household appliances, today’s pool equipment is considerably more energy efficient than yesteryear. So, if you are looking to make renovations that will simply help your bottom line, you may want to consider updating some key components of your pool’s system, such as a variable speed water pump. Other popular upgrades you may want to consider are energy efficient filters and solar powered features like heaters and lighting.

Pool Automation Systems

Budget friendly pool renovations can be as easy as adding automation systems. Some automation technology can be retrofitted to work with your older equipment and can make your life as a pool owner easier and more manageable. From robotic cleaners to automatic covers, many of these things can be controlled from your smartphone.

Pool Resurfacing

A great way to make the most of your renovation budget and if you are seeking more of a facelift is to resurface. Resurfacing will improve the look of your pool, while also serving to update something that does wear out over time. Also, there are a variety of resurfacing materials and aggregates you can use to meet your design taste.

Waterline Tile

Updating your waterline tiles is another way you can transform the look of your pool. And, when combined with resurfacing, the results can be stunning.

Salt Water Systems

We have mentioned salt water conversion before, but it is a growing trend that helps pool owners save money. Essentially, the salt helps clean the pool without the need to use and store chlorine. It is a more natural way to maintain all the chemical levels in the pool. Plus, pool owners have reported their eyes and skin feel better when compared to traditional chlorine pools.

Do Pool Renovations in the Off Season

When it comes to budget friendly pool renovations, consider doing them in the winter. Doing your renovations in the winter months can help your money go further as labor costs tend to be lower. Also, your renovation project can get done a little faster, helping assure your pool will be ready for Spring and Summer.

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