Tips for Keeping Your Pool’s pH in Check

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Pool pH Tips

When it comes to pool maintenance, the thing pool owners hear most often typically comes back to the pool’s pH level. And with good reason, too. If you haven’t paid too close of attention to your pool’s pH level as of late, here are some pool pH tips for why it’s important and how to make sure you’re keeping it healthy! And, if all else fails, you can always give us a call for expert pool maintenance!

Why the pH Level Matters

Because swimming pools use a lot of chemicals (chlorine) to keep them safe to spend time in, it’s important to watch how those chemicals are affecting the water. If you use too much or too little, you could be creating and unsafe environment for your skin, your body, and your loved ones. The ideal pH level is somewhere between an acidic state and a base state (the two ends of the pH scale). If you have too much alkaline in it, it can irritate your skin and eyes as well as other adverse side effects whereas if the level is too acidic, it can corrode both your pool and your skin. Keeping it balanced (7 is the ideal number) is key to enjoying your pool safely and worry-free.

How to Keep it Balanced

There are a variety of factors in the environment that can and will slowly change the pH levels in your pool’s water. Because of this, you need to check your pool’s pH levels periodically and regularly. Use a test kit to make sure the levels are correct, and when they are veering away from 7 one way or another, add the appropriate chemical to balance it back out. The best part about a water testing kit is that it will tell you which chemicals need to be added based on the results of the water test.

Total Relaxation

When you keep your pool’s pH in check regularly and ensure that the balance is consistently in that 7 pH range, you can enjoy your pool without worry. And that’s the kind of total relaxation you got the pool for in the first place, right? After all, having a space that is well maintained, safe, and ready for you to take a dip whenever your heart desires is the ultimate in relaxation. What are your top tips for keeping your pool’s pH healthy and balanced?


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