Pool Party Games for Your Best Birthday Yet

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Those of you with summer birthdays know full well the joy of the summer pool birthday bash growing up. It’s a perfect excuse to gather all your friends, have some good food on the grill and indulge in a little friendly competition. If your kiddo has a summer birthday and you’re wondering how to take their poolside bash to the next level, consider these pool party games – just make sure adults are around to supervise the fun and everyone stays safe!  If you require regular swimming pool maintenance and care, please call Allen Pool Service.

Noodle Jousting

Grab some foam pool noodles and floaties and get ready to channel your inner knight in shining armor! This pool party game is as hilarious to watch as it is to play. Simply set up two partygoers on floats (their noble steed) on opposite ends of the pool, and then let them go at it, trying to knock the other off their high horse. Whoever remains on their float is the winner. You can play this tournament style or just let everyone cycle through having their turns, but you should definitely have a fake crown ready for the champion.

Shark Race

This can be called whatever you want, really, but at the end of the day the premise is simple – hold your breath and swim underwater as far as you can without coming up for air. Whoever makes it the farthest is the winner. It’s an easy enough game to set up and judge, and it has the potential to bring out the competitive streak in even the most docile party guest.

What Time Is It, Mr. Shark?

Raise your hand if you played “What time is it, Mr. Fox?” in gym class growing up? If not, you missed out big time. This is the water version of that childhood classic – the rules are simple, the results are hilarious, and it’s an entertaining adrenaline boost for everyone. One person is chosen to be “Mr. Shark” and they stand outside the pool while the rest of the guests start in the water at the opposite end of the pool. As a group they ask “What time is it, Mr. Shark?” and Mr. Shark faces the group and replies with a time from 1-12 o’clock before turning back around. Whatever number they say is how many steps everyone has to take, inching closer and closer to Mr. Shark until, when they are finally close enough, Mr. Shark announces that it’s DINNER TIME and jumps in the water while everyone scrambles away in hopes of not being Mr. Shark’s dinner. Whoever ends up sleeping with the fishes becomes the new Mr. Shark, rinse, and repeat.

Treasure Hunt

Divide the party into two teams for this one. Find a bunch of items that will sink, and make sure you have 2 of each. Scatter them around the pool while everyone has their backs turned and then set the teams loose. Whichever team finds all the items first is the winner!

There are so many fun and interactive ways to make your little one’s pool party the best one yet – and hey, if you need a theme suggestion, may we offer up pirates or mermaids? Costumes are welcome! What were your favorite pool party games growing up, or which pool games do your kid love most?


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