Pool Maintenance – Give Your Pool an Annual Check Up

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Annual Pool Maintenance

Swimming pool maintenance usually refers to weekly pool servicing, including water tests, chemical input, debris cleaning, et cetera. Or we are talking about opening and closing a pool, critical to outdoor pool maintenance. But every pool should also get an annual check-up in order to catch and address small problems before they become big problems. With every pool closing, Allen Pool Service performs our Deep Dive Annual Inspection, a detailed check-up to advise you of any potential pool repairs or renovations that may be needed in near future.

For Your Swimming Pool Annual Check-Up, Timing Is Key

At Allen Pool Service, we believe the best time to perform an annual check-up is when you’re closing your pool for the season.  This helps you be prepared for any repairs or renovations you’ll need to get your pool up and running in the spring and will highlight any issues that need immediate attention. But for indoor, year-round pools, choose a time when the pool will not be used very much, since the check-up may require a temporary pool closing.

What To Look For in an Annual Pool Check-Up

An experienced pool technician should inspect your pool’s interior, deck, and mechanical equipment and make any recommendations for renovations or repairs that could be necessary in the coming 12 months.  This helps you plan for upcoming renovations and repairs and get them scheduled before serious problems arise.  Any good check-up should include:

1. Basin maintenance. Check for cracks, leaks, and chipped paint in the pool basin. Use acid wash to eradicate scum buildup. If tile is loose or broken, it should be re-grouted.

2. Pool plumbing. A plumbing check is critical since leaks and pipe breakages can be devastating if not detected early. Also, we check to see that your filters are operating properly or if they need replacement (though most filters last 5 to 7 years).

3. Light bulbs. Checking and changing bulbs can be difficult with a full pool, so we take advantage of lower water levels to check your bulbs.

4. Pool fixtures like ladders, diving boards, and deck fixtures can cause serious accidents. We inspect these thoroughly with every pool closure.

5. Pool equipment.  Motors, pumps heaters and more require frequent tune-ups.  An annual check-up is a good time to repair or replace malfunctioning equipment, or to upgrade to more energy-efficient models.

How to Use this Information

When it comes to pool ownership, it’s best to have no surprises.  With a Deep Dive Annual Inspection from Allen Pool Service, you can stay one step ahead of costly repairs.  For the best swimming pool maintenance in Atlanta, call Allen Pool Service at (770) 451-1621 or contact us online.



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