Consider a Pool Inspection Before You Buy

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Buying a new home can be an exciting time, especially when that potential new home comes with a pool! Whether it’s your first at-home pool or you’re a seasoned home pool owner, getting a pool inspection as well as a home inspection before you buy could save you money, headaches, and disappointment down the line. Not sure if a pool inspector is a necessary step? Here are some things to consider.

Safeguard Your Family

It makes sense – you want to protect your family and your investment in your new home. In this case, that new home also includes the pool. Not knowing the faults of your family’s new digs, completely, can leave you vulnerable to unexpected expenses and potential dangers.

Expertise Matters

A general home inspector is well versed in how to spot issues with the house and property as a whole, but they are not likely to be experts in what to look for when it comes to your pool. A pool inspector’s expertise lies in all the things that can cause big problems that may not be immediately obvious. They know what makes a pool’s construction solid, and where hidden problems might exist. Just like you want true experts on the job inspecting your home, you should want the same for your pool as well.

What Pool Inspectors Look At

There are a number of things that pool inspectors examine when they’re doing their thing, and all of them are critical to ensuring that the pool at your new home is safe, reliable, and not going to cost you a lot of money in short order. Pool inspectors will examine the safety features of your pool like fences, alarms, pool covers and more. They’ll also look at the interior condition of your pool. The plaster of your pool should be free of cracks, stains, and suspicious marks. The tile should be intact and in good condition, there should be no signs of deterioration in the grout. Furthermore, they’ll be on the lookout for essential pool equipment like filters, pumps, and heaters. Pool inspectors will consider things like electrical fittings, plumbing, decking. Essentially, they look at every piece of equipment, material, and resource involved in making your pool safe, comfortable, and a good investment. And they look at it seriously.

Before you buy anything that requires the size of investment a pool does, it’s important to ensure that your investment is sound. Relying on a home inspector to get into the nitty-gritty of what makes a pool safe and usable is putting too many eggs in one basket. Instead, let the home inspector use their expertise well and hire a separate pool inspector to employ their expertise as well. That way when you close on your new home you can feel confident that every piece of it is what you dreamed it would be.

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