Things to Check After the Freeze

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Pool Freeze Damage – What to Look For

If you decided not to close your pool for the winter and you’re wondering if things might have gone awry in the recent sub-freezing temperatures Atlanta faced, as your pool repair experts we get the anxiety. An unexpected freeze can wreak havoc on your pool and your home’s plumbing systems. Don’t panic just yet, though. Instead, take a look around the following fixtures and pieces of the puzzle to quickly determine if there’s any obvious pool freeze damage that needs your immediate attention.


This is the biggest one to check straight away after a freeze, especially if it was unanticipated and you had no preparation time. The pipes related to your pool are likely also linked to your home, so this should be your first order after a freeze.


If your filters faced any damage from the freeze, your pool could be at further risk for damage in the cooler temperatures. Plus, a damaged filter may no longer be operational, which will put the sanitation of your pool at risk as well.


Structural damage should be pretty readily apparent in the form of leaks, cracks, or broken seals. If you encountered any structural damage during a freeze, it’s time to bring in the professionals. Structural damage may require a simple repair or a complete renovation, but it’s hard to tell where that arrow lands until it’s been looked at by a professional.


In the colder months, your skimmer is just as important for consistent water circulation as it is for keeping all the debris from clogging up your pool, but because most skimmers are made of thin PVC material, a solid freeze can cause cracks.


One of the best ways to ensure your pump stays unfrozen is to never give it the chance to get cold enough to freeze, which means running it long enough each day to avoid freezing (typically about 12 hours a day is the minimum). A frozen pump can lead to many other pool issues and put other systems at risk as well.

With the recent cold snap in Atlanta, now’s the time to check for any obvious issues with these big players in your pool’s overall health. If you’re worried there might be something wrong but aren’t sure exactly what it is, give us a call 770-451-1621 or request a free pool consultation.

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