Pool Deck Renovation Solutions

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Are you trying to figure out how to renovate your pool to make it more attractive and appealing for spending time by it? There are many pool renovation options that require extensive and invasive work, but renovating your pool deck can be a simple affair.

But just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it won’t have a big impact. A new pool deck can dramatically change how your pool looks – and how it feels to hang out by the pool. In other words, pool deck renovation is a great way to get more bang for your buck in pool renovation. Consider these things before starting your renovation.


The most straightforward pool deck renovation solution is simply repairing damage. Have a cracked part of the pool deck that keeps giving off debris and always makes you feel that your pool is shabby and unattractive? Perhaps you have a stain that catches your eye and bothers you. Sometimes a simple repair is all your pool deck needs.

However, if your pool deck has significant damage, repairs can often be incorporated into renovations at little additional cost.


If you have a concrete pool deck, you might think beautifying it requires an expensive fix. Not so: a concrete deck can be resurfaced to give a beautiful new appearance, saving time and money over other pool deck renovation solutions.

The easiest resurfacing option is painting or coating the pool deck. This can not only provide color, but it can make the pool deck cooler on your feet. With some accent colors and patterning, you might even achieve a look similar to that of more expensive solutions. There are even coatings that can mimic the textures and colors of wood or stone. The results can be quite impressive.

For a slightly more substantial change, you can resurface with stamped concrete. This involves putting a thin layer of new concrete over the existing concrete. The concrete is then stamped with a textured mold, creating the effect of stone, wood, or other substances. The concrete can be stained with your choice of colors and patterns to accentuate the effect.


Pavers are essentially bricks designed to be a walking surface. They come in many different materials and colors. Because you buy them individually, you can take advantage of their variety to create fun and interesting patterns of your own design.

Pavers can be applied directly over most existing pool decks, including an old concrete deck. In some cases, we might need to repair the old concrete. Other times, a concrete deck might be in such bad shape that it makes sense to remove it before putting pavers down.


Pool Deck Renovation SolutionsTiles are glass and/or ceramic blocks that can be put down around your pool. They create a more elegant appearance than pavers, and they’re usually thinner. Otherwise, they are similar.

Tiles can be placed over your existing deck, although like pavers they might require repairs to the current pool deck.


Stone is widely held to be the most attractive pool deck renovation solution. It also has desirable characteristics in terms of keeping cooler under sunlight, having natural texture that provides secure footing, and resistance to stains and/or water damage.

Stone is one of the most expensive materials for pool deck renovations. This is why so many pool deck renovation solutions try to mimic the appearance of stone. However, if you really want a stone deck around your pool, there’s no substitute for the real thing.


On the other hand, some people like the idea of a wood deck around their pool. Wood also gives a classy appearance and has its own benefits in keeping cool and providing a secure footing.

However, wood also has the problem that it is vulnerable to water damage. Wood decking requires significant maintenance and doesn’t last as long as some other options. Fortunately, there are some wood composite materials that split the difference in terms of appearance and durability.

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