The Perfectly Grilled Burger

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It is summer and nothing beats getting out in the back yard to enjoy the pool and grilling up some grub. And, a true summer favorite is the good old hamburger. As your go-to swimming pool company, we would be doing you a disservice if we did not share our perfectly grilled burger tips.

Perfectly Grilled Burger Tip #1 – Start with Meat

Selecting the right ground beef will make or break your burger. Many people we have talked to suggest using ground brisket, as it has a great ratio of fat to lean meat. The fat is what makes burgers juicy, and if you go too lean, your burgers will quickly dry out leaving you with grilled hockey pucks. If you can’t find brisket, ground chuck is a good alternative, just don’t use the super lean for your burgers.

Perfectly Grilled Burger Tip #2 – Don’t Use Cold or Frozen Meat

A lot of people simply pull the ground beef out of the refrigerator, form the patties and then put them on the grill. Or, worse, they use the frozen patties. Instead, you want to ensure that when you put your patties on the grill, they are at room temperature. This will allow for better a sear which keeps the juices to stay locked inside the burger.

Perfectly Grilled Burger Tip #3 – Don’t Overwork the Patties

When forming the patties, just let the meat be the star. You do not need to cover them with spices or other things. You can add a pinch of sea salt and a little pepper (at most), but do avoid all the extra stuff like mixing in steak sauces or other seasonings. Just form some simple patties and put a little divot into the center of them with your thumb, which will give you a nice flat burger as it is grilling.  Lastly, let the patties sit for a little bit after forming them, otherwise, they will be a little chewy.

Perfectly Grilled Burger Tip #4 – Great a Nonstick Surface

When your cooking grate is hot, give it a quick rub of oil. Simply use an oiled and squared folded paper towel and give it a quick swipe.

Perfectly Grilled Burger Tip #5 – Hot, Hot, Hot

Hamburgers love high heat. Your grill should be between 450 and 550 degrees. This high heat gives your burgers an immediate searing, again, which locks in the juices.

Perfectly Grilled Burger Tip #6 – Do Not Smash

We all know that people love to smash their burgers on the grill. Some think that in doing so, they are getting more heat inside the burger or they just want to flatten it (hence, why you put a small divot into the patties before putting them on the grill). However, all the smashing accomplish is squeezing out the juices, making for a dry burger.

Perfectly Grilled Burger Tip #7 – One Flip Only

Again, people love tinkering with food on the grill. As a result, they over flip their meat. Allow yourself only one flip while cooking. Too much flipping causes the natural juices to leave.

Perfectly Grilled Burger Tip #8 – Let it Rest

After you remove your patties from the grill, let them rest for a few minutes. While resting, the burgers will continue to cook a little more while the juices inside redistribute.

How to Use This Information

We hope that these tips will help you become the burger grilling envy of your neighbors and friends. As you may have guessed, grilling burgers are all about the juice! Likewise, your swimming pool is all about the maintenance. That is why we offer pool maintenance for our customers, so they can enjoy their pool and leave all the tedious and dirty work to us. For more information on our pool services, call 770-451-1621 or contact us online.

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