Making Your Pool Eco-Friendly: The Right Thing To Do

Posted on: September 22nd, 2015 by

Eco-Friendly Pools

We have larger carbon footprints than anyone else on earth. We consume lots of energy by driving bigger cars and powering bigger houses than other countries. As the real impact of this consumption becomes more and more apparent—with rising sea levels, hotter summers, and more intense climate events—Americans and others are taking steps towards environmental sustainability. Pool-owners have an easy and excellent opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint and save money on their energy bills at the same time by transitioning to an eco-friendly pool with the help of Allen Pool Service!

There are many energy-consuming components of a swimming pool: the heater, the filter, the lights, the pump, the motor, and sometimes other energy hungry features. Nearly all of these have energy-efficient alternatives, which some (but not all) come standard with newer swimming pools, but which many older pools lack. Consult a pool expert at Allen Pool Service to determine how best to environmentally upgrade your pool.

Pool pumps consume a staggering amount of energy, almost as much if not more than your home’s water heater and air conditioner. Switching to an efficient, variable-speed pool pump is an excellent way to reduce your pool’s carbon footprint and save lots of money on your energy bill every month.

Another great eco-friendly pool transformation is changing your water treatment from chlorine to salt water. Not only will this reduce your carbon consumption by requiring less maintenance, but it will eliminate the use of toxic chlorine, which is less reliable than salt and can be harmful to swimmers and the surrounding environment.

Then there is the issue of water usage. There’s no denying that swimming pools require lots of water, often as much or more than the house itself uses in a year. The pool must be filled at the start of each summer, but in order to avoid refilling, install a pool cover that will reduce evaporation. Keeping the pool covered when it is not being used is a great way to reduce the amount of water it needs.

While every pool owner should take steps to make their pool more eco-friendly, implementing those steps can be pool-specific and will require a consultation with a pool expert.  Allen Pool Service helps customers upgrade to more efficient systems every day.  Call us at (770) 451-1621 for an eco-friendly pool consultation or contact us online.


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