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When it comes to swimming pool trends, you may think that not much has changed. However, that could not be farther than the truth. If you are considering a swimming pool renovation project, or even thinking about putting in a new pool, we have several new swimming pool trends you may want to consider.

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Pool Trends #1: Vanishing Edges with Beach Entry

Most pools are standard in that you have a shallow end at about 3 to 4 feet deep and then you drop to a deep end which is typically around 8 feet. The entry into the pool is, usually, a set of steps. However, some newer pools and makeovers are designed with more of a beach entry by using vanishing pool edges. This creates the illusion that the pool keeps going and the water overflows over the edge into drains and re-circulates back into the pool. This allows for an entry you would experience at the beach where you can walk directly into the pool, without navigating down the steps.

Pool Trend #2: Glass and Stone Tiles

Many of our recent pool renovations have taken advantage of this trend! Instead of relying on the old traditional concrete bottom for your pool, you can use stone or glass, the latter of which can create a stunning mosaic for your pool. These tiles create beautiful colors and patterns in your pool, giving you a spa-like feel. And, stone and glass tiles are smoother than concrete, which is soothing for bare feet.

Swimming Pool Ideas: Pavers

Instead of concrete on the ground around the pool, most of our residential renovations take advantage of using concrete or natural stone pavers. These come in a wide variety of colors and allow you to truly personalize your pool area to your personal design tastes.

Pool Ideas: Fire Elements

While not a pool renovation item, per se, we do see a lot of customers that mix water and fire elements around their pool. This is usually as simple as adding a fire pit near the pool. But, there are others who add an entire linear fireplace along a back wall or even fire lamps or torches. The fire element helps create a peaceful poolside atmosphere in the evening, as well as create stunning reflections.

Eco-Friendly Pool Technology

Believe it or not, a lot of people do not like chemicals in their pool. That is why many people are transitioning their pool to salt water, as it is a natural way to keep your pool clean and requires less chemistry knowledge. Another eco-friendly swimming pool trend is bio pools that use natural water plants as biological filters to help keep the pool clean and fresh. Also, we are seeing more people installing geothermal or solar thermal systems that are used to heat the water.

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