Keeping Your Pool Bug-Free

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Bug Free Pool Tips

Every seasoned pool owner knows that sometimes you’re not the only one enjoying your cool summer reprieve. Sometimes you get some….intruders in the form of water bugs. Add in the humidity-loving mosquitoes and your relaxing oasis can quickly become the stuff of that one summer camp horror movie you can’t quite get out of your head. So how do you keep the little pests from ruining your relaxation and fully enjoying your pool? Well, first things first, you should know what you’re up against. But whether it’s back swimmers, boatmen, or some other insect wrecking the party, a few steps should help nip the problem in the bud quickly. Also, having frequent pool maintenance and cleaning service can help reduce those insects. We hope these bug free pool tips will help restore your pool to the oasis it is meant to be.

Shock Your Pool

Keeping the bugs at bay is all about keeping your pool clean and properly balanced. Sometimes that requires a shock. For every 10,000 gallons of water in your pool, add 1-2 pounds of chlorine shock. The high content of active chlorine in this will kill off bacteria and algae. We recommend doing this in the evening for a couple of reasons. If you do it too early in the day, the sun will burn it off faster than it can properly do its job. Plus, if you’re putting that much chlorine into your pool, you certainly don’t want anyone jumping in straight away. Doing this when you’re pretty well done with the pool for the day is best for everyone.

Have the Right Tools

After you’ve shocked the pool, using a trusty algae brush will help make sure you get rid of the source of food those bugs thrive on in the first place. Give your pool a good brush even if you’re not sure you have algae. Sometimes those growths can be so small you don’t really see them, but if you’re seeing an increase in water bugs, chances are you’re battling some green stuff. You’re also going to want a skimmer to get rid of the remaining bugs after the shock n scrub has been completed.

Keep an Eye on Algae

As we’ve discussed, water bugs love algae. But let’s be a little more specific. Boatmen bugs love algae. Backswimmers, on the other hand, love Boatmen. Which is why often one leads to the other, though you can certainly find one without the other. Backswimmers are quite common and they bite. Keeping a handle on algae (where both types of water bugs lay eggs) is your best bet at keeping these pests away from your pool. Keep your pool’s chlorine levels where they need to be for safety and make sure to follow your regular maintenance plan and you should be golden. If algae grows despite your best efforts, refer back to our first tip and consider double-shocking your pool for safe measure.

Citronella Candles

We all know water bugs aren’t the only pests that can ruin a good Summer day by the pool. Mosquitoes are particularly bothersome and can carry disease, to boot. If your pool and patio seem to be magnets for the blood-sucking little buggers, we’d suggest investing in some good citronella candles with a wide range that burn for quite some time. They’re effective and provide some added ambiance, too. If candles aren’t really your thing, there are plenty of other ways to keep citronella close and the mosquitoes at bay. Check out alternative options like clip-on fans that radiate the stuff or tiki torches that you can place around the pool.

For most people, a bug-free summer is preferred, but it’s not always in the cards. After all, when you’re outside, you’re kind of in the bugs’ domain. Being prepared and having the tools needed to rid yourself of the pests in your favorite relaxation area will make getting back to having fun and enjoying your pool easy and quick.

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