Keeping Leaves out of Your Pool

Posted on: October 5th, 2018 by

Fall is upon us, and you know what that means – the leaves are starting to part ways with the trees they were once attached to. As they come falling down, pool owners everywhere get their preferred methods of leaf management in place. If you haven’t yet found a solid option for keeping your pool leaf-free this time of year, here are a few suggestions to keep your frustration in check and your pool rocking. All else fails, you can always give us a call for pool maintenance.

Pool Skimmer

This is the most hands-on method of keeping your pool leaf-free, but it may be preferred by some who would rather do a quick skim in the morning and deal with the covering and uncovering involved with a full-blown leaf cover (which we’ll talk about later). A quality pool skimmer will do the job for any leaves floating on the surface of your pool, but would make it a little trickier to clean up any leaves that may have made their way to the bottom of your pool.

An Eye for Landscape

This one takes more planning, but if you’re in a big project kind of mood, it can help save your pool many leafy days in the years to come. Choosing the landscape around your pool carefully is a great way to make sure your pool not only has the sun exposure you want for those lazy, hazy summer days, but can also keep the number of leaves that make their way to your pool at a minimum. Keeping trees away from the perimeter of your pool is a great way to mitigate this fall time issue. Of course, re-thinking your landscape is a big decision, so make sure to take your time before you call tree removal services.

Leaf Cover

One of the most popular methods of keeping your pool leaf-free even in the heart of fall when things are falling left and right, is a leaf cover. These are often lighter weight and less expensive than traditional pool covers. While they don’t protect your pool from everything, they do a solid job of keeping foliage and debris out of the way. Just don’t forget to clear off the cover every now and then so the cover can last as long as it should, rather than the added weight causing the material of the cover to break down quickly.

With these tips in hand, you can choose the strategy that best fits your needs, and get back to enjoying fall, rather than dreading what this time of year means for your pool.


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