How to Prepare Your Pool for a Major Storm

Posted on: September 25th, 2020 by

In Atlanta, fall is usually accompanied by several violent hurricanes that can wreak havoc on your property. These storms can damage much more than just your home; they can also have a devastating impact on your pool. The following tips will help you know what needs to be done to prepare your pool prior to a hurricane.

Don’t Drain Your Pool

The excessive ground water from heavy rains during a hurricane creates increased pressure which can cause an empty pool to pop out of the ground. By keeping water in the pool, there will be enough weight to hold it in the ground.

You may worry about the risk of flooding by keeping your pool full during a hurricane. While this is a valid concern, it is unlikely to cause worse flooding than would be experienced without a pool in your yard. Most pools are equipped with sophisticated drainage systems when they’re constructed, and this will help mitigate the risk of flooding. If you’re concerned about flooding, you can run a garden hose from the edge of the pool to a location 2-3 feet lower in order to siphon excess water during a big storm.

Shut Off the Power and Protect Electric Pool Equipment

Make sure all power used to run pool equipment is shut off before the hurricane hits. This includes:

Once you’ve turned off the power, you should unplug all electric pool equipment and wrap it in a tarp or waterproof plastic. Disconnect this equipment and store it in a dry place, preferably indoors.

Keep Your Pool Uncovered

While covering your pool seems like a natural precaution during a hurricane, it can actually create more problems than it solves. Any large debris that gets blown into the pool could either seriously damage the cover or tear it off entirely. It will also create a hard, tedious task when you need to clean all that debris off the pool cover after the storm.

Add Extra Chlorine into the Pool

The debris from a hurricane will contaminate your pool water. To minimize this contamination, add a granular pool shock. For best results, lower the pH to 7.2 before adding the extra chlorine and run the filter for several hours to circulate the chemicals after the shock treatment.

Put Away Loose Items

You most likely have a lot of stuff on your patio to make your pool more enjoyable. Unfortunately, patio chairs, tables, lounge chairs, umbrellas and pool toys can become weapons when high winds are generated during a hurricane. Store as much of this inside your house, garage or shed as possible.

If you can’t fit large pieces of deck furniture inside, don’t place it in the pool. This can damage your furniture and the interior finish of the pool. Instead, tie these items down as securely as possible to prevent them from blowing around during the storm. If you have a tarp, use it to cover any furniture being stored outside to protect against damage from heavy rains.

Trim Trees

Overgrown tree limbs can break off from the high winds of a hurricane and damage your pool. If you have the ability to trim and remove these dead limbs before the storm, it can save you a lot of money and aggravation in the long run.

Allen Pool Service Can Help

At Allen Pool Service, we’ve seen firsthand the damage a hurricane can cause to your pool. Even if you take all necessary precautions before the storm, it may not be possible to eliminate the risk of damage entirely. We can help you restore your pool after a hurricane.

Our customers often find our pool repair services and pool cleaning services to be essential after a hurricane. We pride ourselves on providing quality, dependable pool service that makes your life easier. Let us help you take the hassle out of pool ownership following a serious storm.

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